10 Actionable SEO Tactics For Healthcare Providers

SEO tactics help to optimize the website and make it visible and easy to find on the search engine results pages. There are many industries that depend on their online visibility to do well as an industry.

This might not be the same for the healthcare providers but making sure that someone can easily find your clinic or office might online might just be what differentiates you from a competitor.

The fact that the internet is the epicenter of information seeking in the world today and the knowledge that everyone has a mobile device that they browse with should make it more important to you to make yourself visible online.

In case you are doubting the need for healthcare providers to adopt SEO tactics for themselves or you do not know which practices are best for you, here are 10 actionable SEO tactics that you can use as a healthcare provider.

Use the right keywords in your content

The first thing you want to do is develop a long list of keywords you expect people to use when they are searching for healthcare services at a facility. Confirm these keywords with a tool such as Google Keyword Planner to know how much local traffic they drive monthly.

It would help if you went for keywords or phrases with up to 200 to 100,000 local searches monthly.

After carrying out these previous steps, and having verified that these keywords are good for use, start adding them to your content and post them on your web page.

Use the right keywords in your content

Define your meta descriptions and title tags

The keywords that you intend to use as part of your SEO strategy should be found throughout your content and posted on your website. But also, these keywords should be included in the metadata of the content of your website, as said in different research, at assignment writing service Australia.

With metadata, the search engine will quickly have an idea of what your page is all about. Your meta description should not be more than 65 words but it should carry the keyword in it.

Create unique content

Creating unique and high-quality content consistently is one of the most effective ways to beat your competition for customers and for ranking on search engine results pages.

By making sure that your content is of high quality and very informative, you will be building the credibility of your brand. This will definitely lead to more traffic for you as more people will be willing to go to your website in search to benefit from your expertise. This will help you rank higher.

Add a site map

This SEO tactic is one tactic that is very commonly overlooked. But when it comes to creating a proper index for your website with search engines, it is important that you create a sitemap for your website, a Bootstrap Website Builder tool can help with that.

Creating a site map is useful for search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This map helps your users to access and navigate your website better. This tactic can be tiresome, especially if it is an extensive website.

Use different search verticals

A lot of healthcare professionals tend to miss the opportunity for their website to rank higher for verticals that are related to other searches apart from a website. Some of these search verticals include images, videos, mobile, local, slideshows, etc., according to the knowledge of different tools at the best essay writing service and experts from top essay writing services in the UK.

The good thing about the healthcare industry and health organizations is the fact that it is possible for you to make use of unique SEO verticals in order to increase traffic on your website. For instance, you can use Slideshare to optimize your presentations for long term traffic.

Local Search Marketing

Up to 50 percent of all searches locally are done with mobile devices. It is important that you use the local and mobile-friendly experience to win over your customers.

For organizations involved in health care delivery and some corporation businesses, local search is extremely important as one of the useful search verticals. This is because patients need to visit a physical location if they are to use your services as a healthcare provider.

It is important that you are visible when someone searches for a healthcare provider in your location. You should be at the top of the rank.

Gain Traffic with Social Media

One of the numerous advantages of social media is that it helps to facilitate constant communication between a customer or a regular person and an organization. With social media, you can easily drive traffic from a very big audience to your website and increase your website reach.

There are many factors that search engines including Google, take into account when trying to determine a web page’s quality. One of these important factors is social media. So, it is important that you are able to put it to use.

Optimize for mobile devices

More than 60% of the traffic that websites get these days comes from mobile devices. So, you will be losing a lot in terms of traffic generation if your website is not optimized for mobile devices. This will also prevent you from ranking high on the search engine because mobile-friendliness is an important criterion that Google and other search engines use to rank websites.

Optimizing your website for mobile devices also increases the user experience of your website, the site speed, and other factors that normally help to increase your rank.

Multilingual websites

As long as you are into healthcare delivery, you should be ready to serve different people. This is irrespective of who they are or where you are. One way to achieve this is by removing the language barrier. There are many questions regarding our health that we love to ask because we want to know why things happen. But not everyone speaks English, Russian, or Mandarin.

You should try looking at your audience’s demography and consider at least 2 languages that relate to them. Then leverage these languages to make your website more accessible.

Be willing to serve all

The good thing about healthcare providers and the health industry is their openness and ability to serve all people. This is something that you have to leverage for your website as well.

Healthcare providers have a responsibility and a moral obligation to serve people. So, apart from optimizing your website for locals, you should also be looking towards the bigger picture and trying to serve the wider populace as well.

“One way you can achieve this is by creating content about common health issues and trying to answer the questions that people ask about them. This will help you rank higher on search engines,” says Alyssa Keylin, the content strategy manager from Do My Assignment, the best custom essay for content writers.


Ranking on search engines is important for any organization in any industry. The health industry and health providers are not any different. Carrying out these SEO tactics will help to make your website more visible and you will be able to drive more traffic and reach more people.

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