10 Amazing Natural Supplements To Overcome Fatigue

Being tired and fatigued impacts your life –both personal and professional – in a negative way. Fatigue – it is just tiredness in an aggravated form. You feel groggy, grumpy with decreasing energy levels. There are countless factors that trigger fatigue and that too in a chronic fashion – improper food habits, sedentary lifestyles, wrong sleeping time, depression, menopause, anemia, thyroid issues, obesity, pregnancy, and post pregnancy life – to name a handful.

Dealing with fatigue requires patience. A wholesome change to your lifestyle can bring back the spring in your life, leaving you flushed with pure energy. Along with that add a handful of supplements and you will be able to combat fatigue for a healthier life.

Top 10 Natural Supplements To Overcome Fatigue:

Here are a handful of natural supplements that can come to your rescue when it comes to fighting fatigue. The efficiency and effectiveness of each supplement depends on the cause. So, identify the one that is right for you and include it in your diet for an energetic life.

1. Whole Foods:

Refined food is the current trend—be it a pizza or a cake, all purpose flour is used for richness and taste. It is high time you choose whole foods over refined ones. A dearth in whole foods in your diet will leave you with no energy. A balanced diet packed with whole foods will provide you with the required amount of iron and magnesium, the two minerals essential for maintaining your energy levels. These two minerals also play an important role to control blood pressure levels. It also ensures proper functioning of the muscles.

You need anywhere 8 to 27 mg of iron daily (27 for pregnant and lactating women), while the magnesium intake should be between 310 and 420 milligrams. Just wait – you do not need to buy those supplements from the drug store. You can find it in your fridge and kitchen itself. 1 cup white beans yields 8 mg iron while you will be able to find 157 mg of magnesium in 1 cup cooked spinach. Black beans, oatmeal, and pumpkin seeds also contain admirable quantities of magnesium. You can look forward to finger millet, black sesame seeds, and jaggery for natural sources of iron.

2. Theanine:

If your lack of sleep is triggering fatigue, then theanine can help you. Wait! It is not a sedative. It is an amino acid that can help you sleep better, leaving you fresh the next morning. Before your grab the supplement, just take a look at the tea in your kitchen shelf. Yes – teas, especially white tea, can help you get this amino acid in decent amounts before you sleep. Avoid black tea and green tea as they are packed with caffeine. Or, if you prefer green tea, then opt for a decaffeinated version.

If you opt for pills, then choose anywhere between 150 mg to 200 mg and have it with a cup of milk at least 60 minutes before you sleep.

3. Creatine:

This is an amino acid combo and comprises methionine, glycine, and arginine. This combo plays a major role in easing the fatigue that arises from intense workout sessions. Studies suggest that intake of carnitine supplements boosts energy in people indulging in strenuous fitness routines, thus preventing chronic fatigue syndrome.

4. Glucose:

Do you remember slurping in that glucose after your 100 m sprint while at school? Well, you can do the same to fight fatigue! Just mix 40 grams of powdered glucose in 250 ml water and sip it during your workout routine (only if it is at least 45 minutes long). This will safeguard you from extreme tiredness, which you might otherwise feel after lifting all those heavy weights.

5. Gotu Kola:

This is an herb that has been used in traditional medicines as a powerful remedy for fatigue induced by excessive stress levels and depression. It is quite effective in putting you at ease without stimulating your senses. It is also effective in easing sleep-induced fatigue and hence quite often advised as a natural solution for insomnia.

6. Spirulina:

This single celled algae was a staple ingredient in the diet of the Aztecs. Packed with high quality protein and Vitamin B12, Spirulina is well known for its energy boosting effects. No wonder people use this supplement to overcome fatigue.

7. B Vitamins:

This contains 8 vitamins, with each one playing significant roles in maintaining and enhancing your energy levels. These elements work with each other in a synchronized fashion, ensuring good health. You actually need to consume supplements in the form of pills to meet your daily recommended dose.

8. Ginseng:

Studies conducted on the positive impact of ginseng on fatigue suggest that this herb is known to help in combating extreme tiredness, induced due to cancer. Stimulating your central nervous system, it boosts the physical energy and offers a better resistance towards fatigue. However, it is known that this herb, being an adaptogen, impacts the effectiveness of certain medications. So, please check with your doctor before you start using this herb.

9. Bitter Orange:

You do not juice these bitter oranges; however, synephrine present in the rind of this member of orange family is known to have a positive effect on easing tiredness. This element is similar to ephedra, a stimulant known to be an energy boosting agent. Nevertheless, it has no relation with caffeine and can be used safely before going to sleep. However, it is advisable to use this under medical supervision.

10. Caffeine:

Caffeine is known as a mood uplifting and energy boosting agent. But it’s extremely powerful stimulant nature is little worrisome. People with high level of caffeine tolerance can use this to combat stress and unwind themselves. This energy boosting nature of caffeine gives that instant shot of energy required to combat fatigue. As it is easy to get addicted to caffeine, ensure that you use this with utmost caution to avoid the unnecessary side effects.

Tips To Keep Fatigue Away:

Supplements, natural or pills, never should be the firsthand solution for fatigue. Here are few tips that could come handy to keep fatigue away in a better way:

  • Say no to all refined and processed foods.
  • Eat plenty of whole grains.
  • Include colorful fruits and diets in your diet.
  • Bid adieu to colas and other aerated drinks.
  • Drink 2 glasses of milk a day.
  • Ensure you are meeting your daily protein, iron, and magnesium requirements, especially if you are working out.
  • Do some physical exercise. It could be walking, yoga, or working out at the gym.
  • Take a walk when you feel stressed out.
  • Drink at least 8 ounces of water a day.
  • Sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day.

This is a lifestyle, which if you follow will leave you fresh and recharged always.

What do you do when you are under the fatigue attack? Do you use any supplements? Or are there any other ways to handle this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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