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10 Common Essay Writing Mistakes Students Make

Writing is a difficult task. Writing excellent essays and research papers might be difficult. It is, nonetheless, a part of our life, especially when it arrives in the guise of a required academic task. Even though there are websites that offer custom essay writing services, students must comprehend the intricacies of creating an effective essay. This includes becoming aware of the most typical writing faults.

· Spelling Mistakes

When wrong homophones (words with the same pronunciation, such as “right,” “rite,” and “writing”) are used in a sentence, many spelling errors arise. There are also several widely misunderstood words that students should know and memorize the distinctions between them. Words like ‘there,’ ‘they’re,’ and ‘there’ are frequently misused in sentences.

· Ignoring a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement should be included in both your introduction and the body of your essay. A common mistake is forgetting to include this point in the most exciting area of the paper — the introduction. You cannot tell the readers what your writing is about if you do not expose the statement as the key theme of your essay.

· Misuse of Punctuation Marks

Different punctuation marks are required as sentences become more complicated. The comma is the most common punctuation mark that students need assistance with; even the most basic punctuation symbol is frequently overlooked. Students may also overuse certain punctuation marks, such as ‘!!!’

· Too Many Errors

You may have heard that typos do not reflect your grammar expertise or language proficiency and may be found in any work. However, submitting your essay without proofreading indicates that you are not paying attention.

To prevent making this error, Check for typos, spelling errors, and inappropriate construction before publishing your material, and don’t rely exclusively on spell checkers.

· Capitalisation

Capitalization, or the lack thereof, is one of the most common errors in student writing. Students, remember to capitalize the first word of each sentence! Proper nouns should also be capitalized and the first word in the dialogue. This is a crucial beginning to your phrases.

· Wordiness

A phrase is considered wordy if it contains more words than are necessary to convey meaning. Wordiness frequently makes writing challenging to understand. Many students confuse the ability to write an essay with the ability to create a sophisticated structure. When professors urge students to develop a paper that adheres to the style rules, this does not imply that the essay should be difficult to read.

It just means that the students must communicate the message clearly. You can avoid this error by not employing unnecessary phrases and words. Keeping with the core theme of the essay, In the paper, use explicit constructs and short sentences to include the information you wish to express.

· No transitions between the paragraphs.

Paragraphs are distinct ideas that should be formatted as such. However, this does not imply that they should sound like two separate essays. A student must ensure that transitions between paragraphs are used to make their writing cohesive and fluid. They must also Use phrases such as: To put it briefly, regarding this, speaking about this, despite/according to the previous arguments/statements, etc.

· Using Incorrect or Generic Titles

The essay’s title should be a representation of its content. When someone reads the title, they should have an idea of what the article will cover. If you give them a non-related topic, they may be attracted to read something you do not have, which will not leave a positive impression.

Also, avoid using a generic title. Avoid using big words in your title, making it too long, and never steal another author’s title.

· Repetition of the Introduction

People frequently rehash the beginning of their papers in the conclusion. The closing paragraph of your essay is not the place to repeat the introduction in different words. Instead of being a place for restatement, the conclusion is vital and should not be overlooked.

A satisfactory essay conclusion should include an intriguing remark about what the essay proved or concluded, leaving the reader with some new thoughts. It should raise questions, investigate further ramifications, or end your article with a pertinent, intriguing quote.

· Sentences that begin with ‘Then,’ ‘So,’ ‘But,’ or ‘And.’

One of the most common errors many students make when it comes to opening phrases is repeating the same word or phrase at the beginning of each sentence.

Students frequently begin statements with ‘then’, ‘so,’ ‘but,’ or ‘and.’ The simple solution is to drop which of these terms you are using to begin your phrase and move on to your next word. Typically, the next word would be a suitable place to start the sentence. Instead of stating, “Then the dog took off running…”, say, “The dog took off running…”


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