10 Coolest Things About Modern PGs in Bangalore

Rewind to a couple of years and living in a PG was often considered a compromise. A compromise of space, hygiene, amenities, and even your lifestyle choices. The only things that mattered were trying to stay closer to your place of study/ work and getting a more economical option, even if it meant adjusting on other aspects. Cut to the present times, living in PGs is not only about surviving with a roof above our head but truly getting an opportunity to live our lives after our daily work or classes end, in a space that gives you time to focus on yourself. The metros in India are seeing the rise of modern living spaces now. These modern avatars of PGs in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, also called managed accommodation spaces are convenient and economical.


So let’s find out what are 10 coolest things about these Modern PGs in Bangalore.

1. Quality Amenities: Disrupted water supply, intermittent electricity, poor wifi, and no housekeeping staff is a thing of past as the modern PGs take extra care of ensuring that the amenities as promised are provided on a regular basis to all the residents. Moreover, these amenities are sourced from credible authorities which further assures the quality of these amenities. For instance, staying at a managed accommodation provider like Stanza Living will be a lot more convenient since you can leave this daily facility management to the professionals available on the premises and trust in their abilities to get the job done. This is why when you move into a Stanza Living residence, you can be assured of high-quality amenities like chef-cooked meals, enterprise-grade internet facility, hospitality-grade housekeeping and laundry services, etc.

2. Top-Notch Security: When they talk about security, they take it seriously. You won’t be greeted by the sight of dozing security personnel but alert and vigilant teams keeping an eye out for any threat or discrepancy. What’s more, they are supported by a high-tech ecosystem of CCTV arrays, perimeter monitoring, and central command teams trained to respond quickly to any threat.

3. Swanky Interiors: We all want to come back to a place with vibrant walls and comfy couches after a long day. So say goodbye to rickety rooms as these ultra-plush PGs welcome you to a colorful and cheerful place with aesthetically-designed interiors, elegant furnishings, and open spaces to breathe and relax.

4. Contemporary Lifestyle: With all the facilities in place, you do not have to spend time worrying about facilities. You can easily switch to a more stylish and contemporary lifestyle which offers you high-grade facilities – quality furniture, well-equipped game rooms, high-grade modern appliances, well-appointed private spaces for study/work, etc, so you can have a great lifestyle without compromising on budget

5. Youthful and Friendly: Modern PGs today are all about having a chill vibe and a friendly atmosphere. A lot of rides upon the location as well. If you are living in a PG in Koramangala, you get to meet students and young professionals from all walks of life, which makes living in such PGs more interesting and livelier!

6. Good for Social Life: Modern PGs are all about letting their residents feel comfortable and not miss out on any social aspects of their lives due to their busy schedules. Therefore, you will always have a calendar full of activities and engagement programs that are meant to bring people living there, together and build friendships that will stand strong. From bonfires to light-hearted competitions, you have an array of opportunities to network, unwind, and relax with your friends.

7. Good For Your Wallet: Since this is a community living space, all the amenities are all shared which immediately cuts down the expenditure without giving up those facilities. This is in turn, great for your wallet.


8. Enriching Community: Living with like-minded people not only helps make living away easier but also helps you in your endeavor to grow, both professionally as well as personally. The community here pushes you to be the best version of yourself!

9. Sustainable Living: Many PGs are adopting sustainable and eco-friendly living measures. These residential places have systems like solar panels or rainwater harvesting, energy-efficient lighting, and many more in place to save energy, be more environmentally friendly as well as economic in their approach. It is a win-win situation for all!

10. Personal Growth: Living away from home often exposes you to life lessons you would not acquire staying in a sheltered environment. Living in modern PGs is yet another learning experience as you tend to meet and greet different types of people with different wavelengths that have an impact on your minds. Being culturally and socially inclined is a great learning experience and vital for personal growth which can be achieved here.


Living in these modern spaces is truly a gratifying and learning experience that everyone should go through at least once in their lifetime.

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