10 Cute Mask Ideas for 2021

It’s 2021 and it’s looking like we’re going to have to wear masks for at least another year. Wearing a mask can help keep you and those around you safe, and is an easy way to take care of yourself and others.

Frequently, masks aren’t always the cutest accessory. But who says they can’t be?

Here are the cutest mask ideas we could come up with for 2021.


1. A Mask that’s Also a Scrunchie

If you want something that’s not only cute as a mask but serves a dual-purpose as something else, look no further than The Maskie.

This accessory doubles as both a mask and a cute way to hold your hair up. It also comes in a few different shades ranging from black to pastels. Keep it on your wrist during the day so that you never forget your mask again.

2. A Mask for Each Holiday

If you’re one of those people that just loves a reason to celebrate, pick up a mask for each season and holiday. Get a spooky one with bats on it for Halloween, a fall-themed one for the days surrounding Thanksgiving, or reindeer and snowmen for your winter holiday.

3. A Silk Mask for Ultimate Sophistication

If you’re just fancy and a regular mask won’t cut it for you, try a silk one. This will give you that extra touch of sophistication that you can’t get from one of the typical cloth kind.

It’s best paired with your favorite pearl necklace and earrings.


4. Fun Animal Print

To showcase your wild side, go with a bold animal print to keep it spicy. You can go with a tiger or cheetah print for a more traditional take, or go with a cute cow print that’s very in style this year.

5. Flirty Floral

For a fun, cutesy look that is always a great choice, go with a floral. This choice gives you plenty of different options from bold and bright to tiny and classic.

Plus, floral prints can sort of go with anything else you may be wearing, which makes them even more versatile than anything else.

6. An Anime-Inspired Mask

For those of us who spend our free time bingeing different anime shows, an anime-inspired mask could be a unique, fun way to express yourself. These styles come with classic anime cartoon mouth expressions.

7. A Simple Mask with a Small Detail

If you’re more of an understated person, but still want to add something to your mask that has that special umph, try a solid color mask with a small detail.

A little icon like a cartoon heart or star in the corner of your mask can give you the best of both worlds.


8. A Classy Neutral Color

For those of us who are all class and business, a neutral color mask could be the perfect solution for you.

Go with a beige or cream for a light, sophisticated touch. Or go with grey or black to show a darker side, going with anything and everything you own.

9. A Bedazzled Mask

If you’re all about the show and don’t mind being the center of attention, a bedazzled or sequined mask is the right course of action for you. It’s sparkly, it’s shiny, it glitters in the light. Need we say more?

10. A Fun Summery Fruit Print

If all of these ideas sound too traditional and regular for you and you want something totally different, try a fruit print. Go with your favorite fruits, like cherries or grapes. Our personal fave is a fun citrus like lemons or orange slices.


Stay Safe, Stay Stylish

Keep yourself and others safe while adding your own personal sense of fashion to your look with a cute mask.

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