10 Designer Bags Every Woman Should Own

Designer handbags can be an appealing prospect for young women to spend money in a smart way. The choice of fascinating designer bags does not depreciate but will appreciate in value over the years. Here you can find the list of the top trending “online handbags for ladies” which you will love to have in your possession.

10 Designer Bags Every Woman Should Own


Louis Vuitton Twist: Louis Vuitton is the brand name everybody must have heard of for its innovative products. The brand brings the best handbags for ladies and is always reinventing the wheel and is coming up with new styles.  The nice collection of bags can be worn over the shoulder as well as across the body as per your wish. You can select easily from the list of collections for Louis Vuitton handbags from the online handbags for ladies.“  

You can also take this bag for your night party with a pair of heels and an excellent fun outfit to become the center of attraction. There are two interior pockets in the bag, one of the back interior sides and one on the front side with a removable mirror.

Louis Vuitton Designer Bags


Gucci Dionysus: The famous GC logo is displayed on this star’s bag, which has eye-catching features of the Gucci brand, which can distinguish you easily. This fashionable ladies handbag has a Tiger closure which has a reference to the Greek God Dionysus with an adjustable chain strap. It comes with great size ranges and has amazing hardware which suits your every outfit, whether it is a late night party or an office.

Gucci Designer Bags


Hermes Birkin:

This can easily be labeled as the most sought out bank for search in online handbags for ladies.“ There are many celebrities who prefer dearly to own this handbag for ladies, and the popularity of this bag has increased exponentially recently. The excellent quality of the leather and hardware can retain or can increase its value over time. The black Birkin, with its gold hardware, also known popularly as “the holy grail” is an exclusive bag that you will be proud to own.

Hermes Birkin


Lady Dior Bag:

One of the priceless choices you can make in your online handbags for ladiessearch is the amazingly designed Dior handbag. This bedazzling Lady Dior Bag can be the just right bag that you had cherished to own so long. It can add to your beauty and can make you look like a fairy tale queen with the heart throbbing attention of the audience.  The extra chick and the perfect feminine option of the bag can accentuate your feminism and can make your presence a glorious one.

Lady Dior Bag


Hermes Kelly Bag:

One of the most luxurious and flabbergasting choices of handbag is definitely the Hermes Kelly bag. These bags come in a very comfortable medium size and can be very handy to keep your necessary items without compromising the beauty. When you are looking for one ladies handbag in your search for online handbags for ladies,“ this can easily be the best choice.

Hermes Kelly Bag

Hermes Kelly Bag


Channel Classic Flap Bag:

This is an iconic little handbag cherished widely by ladies all over the world for its fabulous designs and styles. This bag is covered by the women who love to set the trend with the diamond quilted pattern of the channel classic flap bag. The channel also uses caviar skin made from the pebbled calf leather, which gives the bubbly appearance. This exclusive handbag is scratch resistant and is more durable compared to bags made from ordinary leather.

Channel Classic Flap Bag


Saint Laurent Chain Wallet:

When you get this classical Saint Laurent bag, you will wonder why you didn’t purchase this bag before. It can be the best companion for you for an all-purpose excellent quality bag. Coming with a detachable chain, you can also wear this stylish bag as a clutch in your evening outings or as a Crossbody bag during office hours. The Saint Laurent Chain Wallet has a pretty good capacity with a lot of card slots in it. You can buy from a big selection of online handbags for ladies,“ and can easily pick this one as one of your best choices.

Saint Laurent Chain Wallet


Channel Quilted Handbag:

This compact and chic, comfy ladies handbag describes the ideology of the Channel perfectly well. If you want to buy an elegant and functional handbag for you, you need to look for other options and can buy this one straight away.

Channel Quilted Handbag


Baguette Bag by Fendi:

You cannot simply leave out from the list when you locate this fabulous bag in your search for online handbags for ladies.“ You can express your femininity perfectly well when you select this elegant looking bag, and it can be a rare collection of the excellent bag for you.

Baguette Bag by Fendi


The Mulberry Bayswater Bag:

If you want to select the best designer, handbag, which is affordable and accessible for you, you should select the Mulberry bag. While it is affordable for you, it does not lack in chic, creativity, and comfort and can be as glamorous as any other famous designer handbags.

Mulberry Bayswater Bag

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