10 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

Often, cleaning the cooking area is one of the most time-consuming and vital parts of housekeeping. If you know the exact steps and tips on how to declutter your kitchen, then the entire process will not take you much time.

Check the Appliances to Avoid Kitchen Decluttering

Some kitchen gadgets seem like tempting tools to make some culinary tasks easier or faster. However, if space is compacted or you are cooking in a small kitchen, freestanding gadgets can mess up. Try to analyze the appliances you could leave in storage or move somewhere so they will be less visible, and doing this will create spaces. If you prefer to drink fresh juice every morning, then a juicer is a critical element that should be left in the kitchen. On the other hand, a dough mixer or a muffin baking oven is unlikely to be used for daily actions.

Get Rid of Excess Dishes to Improve the Visual Side

One of the top secrets of decluttering is moving aside unnecessary dishes, bowls, and cups that are rarely used. You don’t have to store 30 glasses in one drawer unless you throw parties every weekend. Make up your mind on how many dishes are required for your family, and remove the excess things in storage. You can use a cardboard or plastic box for this purpose. Hint here, label the packages to find the items at any point.

Multitasking Pots and Pans

The number of pots and pans mainly depends on how often you cook at home, and the number of family members. Even if you cook frequently, there is a little secret on how to reduce the number of dishes and declutter the kitchen. For example, small pans can be cute and sometimes useful. However, medium-sized pots can perform all the same tasks. This way, you don’t have to keep small and medium pans at a whack.

Get rid of Unnecessary Decorative Items

Some kitchen items were made for decoration. If you cook in a compact place that requires maximum functionality. Storing many non-practical things can be a huge problem. A uniquely designed cookie storage jar can perfectly complement your style. Still, such a jar occupies precious space that can be used more efficiently. It doesn’t mean that you need to throw away all cool fridge magnets or brightly colored cup holders. By getting rid of most art objects, you can quickly declutter your kitchen as easy as one-two-three.

Kitchen Accessories

Check the Contents of the Freezer and Refrigerator

The visual part of the space is far from the only place that contributes to clutter. The fridge and freezer are equally important areas to clean up. Check the expiration dates of any food that might be overfilling the freezer and get rid of all stale items.

Thus, you can understand what products you are missing and buy them the next time you drive to the supermarket. If the food is still fresh, then plan what you want to cook next. Such a scheduled tactic will reduce the number of products and positively affect your family budget. Also, it is an easy way to declutter your kitchen routinely.

Clear Away the Holiday Dishes

The kitchen cabinet is hardly the only place to store seasonal or holiday items you use once or twice a year. A turkey dish can perfectly complement the overall interior because of its beautiful patterns or fancy shape.

However, think for a moment about the considerable space, this object takes on a desk. It may be better if you keep it in a drawer before the next holiday starts. If you still want to leave one or more items, make sure that they meet the two most crucial parameters:

  • You regularly use holiday utensils to prepare daily meals.
  • These dishes are small in size and are the primary decor of a counter.

Choose a Separate Storage Location for Detergents

Too many detergents are one of the main threats to the kitchen’s cleanliness and order. It is far from necessary to keep all these multi-colored containers of detergent near the sink. When choosing a storage location, make sure that boxes containing chemical compounds will not come into contact with utensils.

Use Organizers to Give Every Item a Proper Home

Hiring an organizer is one of the best ideas to instantly clean up your kitchen cupboards. To ensure that the items you use daily are always on hand, installing a convenient and simple organizer is 100% recommended. By setting forks, spoons, and knives in order, you can instantly transform the kitchen. Meanwhile, organizers have lots of helpful features.

For example, a bamboo utensil organizer by Royal Craft Wood is waterproof and made of eco-friendly materials. What’s more, it can easily fit any drawer as it is expandable. If you put all the flatware in an organizer, you will be pleasantly surprised at how effectively the space will be arranged.

Use Air-Tight Containers for Storing Food

If you are used to storing rice or paste goods in the kitchen, don’t leave them in cardboard packs. Using individual food storage containers, you can place food in appropriate cabinets and instantly find them. This way, you will avoid a situation where a torn package can spill all the contents, and you will have to do the cleaning again.

Benefit from Dish Drying Racks

Washing dishes is one of the essential processes for keeping a kitchenette clean. To make this procedure more efficient and not litter the place with already washed dishes, you can use plate racks. This way, plates, and cups can be easily arranged after a wash-up. You can also place it directly above the sink to prevent a massive puddle.

Final Word on Kitchen Declutter Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most visited places in the apartment. Therefore, putting things in order will allow you to keep the house cleaner and delight your family with delicious meals for days on end. Don’t forget that maintaining order is much easier than cleaning up a cluttered kitchen. Meanwhile, if you need more self-help ideas, check these 25 tips to organize your kitchen like a pro!

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