10 Fantastic Things You Didn’t Know a VPN Could Do

One commonly knows virtual Private networks as VPN. The network establishes a connection between a server and a computer. It allows to access the website, protects the data, avoids IPS tracking, and access to third-party apps.

One can set up a VPN on his Android, iPhone, iPad, laptop, or computer. Once you have established a network connection, then VPN can do wonders for you. There are many fantastic things that fewer people know about VPNs.

Fantastic Things about VPN

1. Access to global content

Several sites are location-specific. They only allow people in their area to access the content available on them like Netflix, Spotify, Hotstar, and more.

There are various things to do online with friends, but some awesome sites are blocked for some people.

The instant answer to this is a VPN connection. Change your IP address to the country in which you want to unlock the content.

2. Protection of personal data

Online privacy is very much secured by using a VPN. Although Wi-Fi has many benefits, it is a threat to personal security. The one having access to Wi-Fi can track one’s history, traffic, and other information.

Do not worry, the simplest solution for protecting personal data is a VPN. It encrypts the data and saves it by using 256-bit codes. This will not even allow hackers to enter your system.

3. Online Protection of Privacy

It is unobvious to think that our data is safe while using the internet and social media apps. The Internet service providers track the searches, history, and downloads.

Why get worried when you have a VPN? Yes, VPM provides privacy. It does not allow the ISP or cookies to record your history or IP address.

4. Hidden Web browsing history

When we talk about ISP tracking, that means web searches like which sites are you visiting, downloads, videos, pictures, and more. This is a high encroach on privacy. People need privacy while using some sites or any application where their credentials are used.

VPN DNS servers protect one’s privacy by encrypting the IP address and internet traffic. So, keep searching with a VPN connection without being tracked.

5. Fast Internet

Have you ever noticed that even with a speed of more than 60mbps, your YouTube video keeps buffering? Or does PUBG keep lagging? Let us tell you the secret. Your ISP restrains the internet speed and does not provide the actual speed to you.

You can make it harder for ISPs to interfere with your internet by using a VPN. Especially using Netflix, YouTube, or many more sites.

If you know how to get free internet on android without service, then you can enjoy browsing online with no data.

6. Access to Public Wi-Fi

Suppose you are in another city and a Wi-Fi connection keeps popping up. The Wi-Fi signals have privacy on them. How can you access them then? Simple, the solution is a VPN. Create a VPN network and connect to public Wi-Fi. Another thing this can be accessed on your PC from somewhere else. One can set up a remote connection between the Laptop and mobile or something else.

7. Downloading content Anonymously

There is a lot of software one needs for their assignments or for personal skills. But cannot access them because of the paid versions. Torrent downloads and VPNs facilitate the free download of such software and applications. Other than software, one can also download movies and web series.

8. Low-rate international calls or ticket services

When you book a ticket or travel, the charges depend on your geographic area. Farther from the destination, more charges.

VPN can save you from spending dollars on traveling. VPN changes your location and makes it nearer to the destination.

9. Anonymous comments

Sometimes one has an awful experience with some organization, company, or any service, but he cannot comment due to fear of being sued. Honest reviews are not much entertained by the companies.

So, what to do now? It is pretty simple, set up a VPN network that will hide your IP address. Then go visit the website and write honest reviews or others. By being anonymous, you can surf privately and in peace.

10. Ads posting

Ads are the source for social media page handlers or bloggers. Ads of the company increase customers as well. To know more about the importance of ads, visit this article.

But one cannot post out of the countries or areas that are restricted.

With the help of a VPN, one can play advertisements in other countries too. When one uses the VPN connection, it changes the IP address to another country’s IP and here you go.


There are many things we want to do but cannot do. Sometimes because of restrictions, expensive things, or other reasons. VPN has fantastic solutions to all these problems. It allows you to post honest recommendations, access global content, make low-rate calls, and many more. So, set up a VPN connection and start enjoying.

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