10 Great Tips To Create Your Own T-shirt Online

A vast array of different tools and online software are at our disposal to create the best artwork and digital drawings. Even with so many options to explore, sometimes the designs that one creates as a seller might not get the kind of response that the artist was hoping for.

After all, everyone’s approach to art is different. All of us have varied perspectives on different kinds of designs. Funny t-shirts that seem hilarious to you might not be all that amusing for someone else.

Although it depends upon the likes and dislikes of a person, you can still create a t-shirt or design a logo using the best logo maker online for yourself or for others if you keep a few tips and tricks in mind.

Create T-shirt Online

1. Never settle for the first design that you create, explore a multitude of options!

All the artists and designers would agree with this, the first design is always for the bin! A rough draft of the design you wish to create will witness innumerable changes. The first design and the final design are like the North Pole and the South Pole.

The concept is the same, and the design is built around the same theme, but the final design is completely different from where you started. Therefore, it is incredibly important when creating a funny t-shirt that you do not settle on the first version of the design.

Keep exploring, and keep altering the design till you feel this is the perfect pattern.

2. Do not kill the design by adding different elements to it that don’t match the overall theme

Whether you are a designer or not, you can still create attractive t-shirts and logos using logo maker software online. There are also websites such as PrintShop by Designhill that have a vast library of patterns and designs to create an amazing funny t-shirt.

But sometimes when one has access to a wide range of designs, they tend to overload the print and add different little elements that may or may not work together. So, when designing a t-shirt for yourself, make sure you follow a theme.

Select patterns that revolve around that theme. Even when designing a logo on the t-shirt for your company using a logo maker, remember that minimalism is the key to a unique design. A cluttered design with too many elements is not pleasing to look at.

Whether you are designing a t-shirt for yourself or to give away as a gift, keep the design simple yet eye-catching with bold prints and minimum elements.

3. When creating a funny t-shirt, try and keep it subtle

While you may see the caption that you created as humorous, others might not approve of it, or may even think of it as an offending one. Hence it is of extreme importance that while creating a t-shirt design, you take another person’s opinion into account.

Everyone likes a funny quote or rib-tickling one-liners printed on a t-shirt along with some adorable illustrations. Bear in mind how people are going to react when you wear the t-shirt designed by you.

Create some comical doodles, or browse through the extensive array of pre-existing illustrations created by freelance graphic designers online. Websites such as DesignHill give you access to different prints and you can create your own t-shirts even if you have no experience in designing.

4. Keep the colors complimentary

The amazing palette of colors is sure to attract every designer’s desire to create beautiful combinations with different colors. But not all colors go well with each other. And sometimes, the colors look great on the screen of your PC or tab, but not so much on clothing.

Do extensive research on which colors look great on a funny t-shirt and create your design accordingly. You can also use Pantone colors to make the best designs for your t-shirt.

5. Style a design that will look good on all

It doesn’t matter if you are designing a t-shirt for yourself or for others, a design should be universal. If you are a start-up owner looking to create new t-shirts to advertise your business, use a logo maker to create universally accepted logos for your t-shirts.

Even if you are creating a funny t-shirt to wear yourself informally, someone else might like your design and ask you to create a t-shirt for them. You can earn a little profit with your design skills. But if the design is too much ‘out-there’, others might not like the print and you can lose your chance at a side income.

6. The alignment of the design matters the most

The way your artwork is positioned on the funny t-shirt is a major factor. The alignment of the text and the illustrations should be such that it is pleasing to the eyes. Obscure that out-of-the-frame prints with no proper alignment do not look great.

If you are creating a text-based t-shirt, make sure that the text is centrally aligned and covers only the front of the t-shirt. Text going all the way to the back or even on the sides is not legible.

7. Use a decent logo maker when designing a t-shirt with a professional outlook

If you are a business owner looking to create personalized t-shirts, a custom-made logo is a great way to advertise your business uniquely. A minimal approach to design is the perfect way to create an eye-catching funny t-shirt.

8. Use the font that matches the artwork

If you are thinking of creating impressive illustrations along with a caption or hilarious one-liners, a complementing font with proper outlines is necessary to enhance the overall appeal of the t-shirt. If the artwork is bold and vibrant colored, a calligraphic font won’t do any justice to the entire design. Therefore, selecting the right font is also important.

9. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends

The fashion industry is a constantly changing one, with new designs and stylish patterns coming up every day. When creating a funny t-shirt for yourself, you would not want to design something that is no longer in trend. All your hard work would go to waste.

So, before you decide on a theme, first do your proper research about what is currently trending and what is the trend forecast.

10. The theme and concept of the artwork should be the priority

Imagine putting patriotic illustrations with anarchist slogans, the irony is huge and somewhat irrelevant to the overall theme. Even abstract designs have an underlying theme to them. Therefore, think of a proper concept and develop your artwork for your t-shirt around it.

Designing a funny t-shirt or creating customized logos with online logo maker software is quite easy nowadays. You have options to create your artwork and upload the same on reliable websites such as DesignHill. If you are not a creatively inclined individual but wish to get a customized t-shirt, there is a wide range of designs available online.

You can match various elements, but keep in mind the above-discussed tips to create the perfect t-shirt. Just the idea that you can wear your own artwork is an appealing one. Bear in mind the few tips and tricks and create your own funny t-shirt online within no time!

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