10 High-Tech Gadgets for a Futuristic Kitchen

Everyone expects you to have bowls, cutting boards, and cookware in your kitchen. Your kids probably want a smart refrigerator and you probably need a new microwave. But have you ever thought of future-proofing your kitchen?

If you haven’t, here are ten high-tech gadget ideas for your kitchen. They’re affordable and easy to use. But better than that, they’ll make your kitchen look incredibly cool.

#1: Crock-Pot Smart slow cooker

Instead of skipping your favorite show to concentrate on cooking, the Crock-Pot smart cooker lets you do both. You can remain in your living room as the pot cooks food for you. And if you need to check on anything, you can change configurations through an app.

All you have to do is place your prepped ingredients in the pot and on your cooker. The pot regulates temperature and alerts you when it’s time to serve.

#2: Nest Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The Nest Carbon Monoxide alarm helps you stop fires before they happen. By using a slew of modern smoke sensors, the device alerts you immediately if a specific room in your house produces an alarming level of smoke. The alarm lets you know how fast or slow things are burning down in that room.

To ensure you never miss an alert because of dead batteries, the device also alerts you when it’s time to change its batteries. The gadget sends you alerts thanks to WiFi connections, so make sure you have that feature set up.

#3: Prep Pad

So, you’ve always had a problem measuring how much food you should eat to lose weight? Get the Orange Chef Prep Pad priced at $150. Designed like a weighing scale, the gadget lets you input what you want to cook and it displays helpful nutritional information about it.

It tells you about the number of carbs, protein, calories, and fat in your diet so that you can increase or reduce the proportions appropriately.

#4: Ninja Air Fryer

Instead of worrying about how much fat you consume in your food, get the Ninja Air Fryer and you could cook any diet free of cooking oils. The programmable 4-quart cooking pot uses air pressure to prepare all sorts of meals, including those that require deep frying.

That means you could use the device to deep fry French fries. But compared to regular pots, the Ninja Air Fryer will use a fraction of the oil. Find out more about the gadget, including why it’s the best-rated air fryer on shopping websites.

#5: Simple human Smart Trash

A few of your friends might make fun of how the device works, but it’s worth it. The trash can opens when you wave your hand over it or when you say, “Open can” in an audible manner. It then lets you throw in up to 58 liters of trash. When full, you can lift it with the handle at the back and dispose of the trash.

So, the next time you have a party in your home, tell everyone to say the magical words “open can” when they want to dispose of something.

#6: Sony’s Kitchen Edition Tablet

If you can’t resist the temptation of taking your smartphone to the kitchen, you might as well buy the right device for that purpose. The Sony Experia Tablet Z is a waterproof made-for-kitchen gadget that doesn’t mind if you spill soup or water on it.

You could clean the tablet with running water or submerge it in your kitchen sink and it can survive for thirty minutes. You don’t want to buy a $549 smart device so that you can test whether it’s waterproof, so protect it as much as possible.

#7: Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

The Family Hub Refrigerator is all the rage among people who love fridges. It’s the best-looking, most feature-rich product in the market. It’s spacious, smart, and protected by long warranties. So, if you purchase it and regret your decision, there’s the option to return it to the manufacturer.

You’ll need at least $3,400 to get the Family Hub to your kitchen. But if you can afford it, and want it, the kitchen offers incredible value for your money. It’s impressively well-built with four doors and a large 21.5-inch screen. Again, it’s loaded with superfluous apps and cameras for your convenience.

#8: WiFi AeroGarden

The WiFi AeroGarden gives a whole new meaning to watering your plants. What’s more, it allows you to grow veggies inside your kitchen without the need for sunlight. That’s because it’s fitted with all the features required to grow plants naturally. It also displays useful gardening tips so that you can do the tasks it can’t, like pruning or harvesting.

The device costs $130 and supports up to six plants at once. It is WiFi-enabled, which is how it sends you alerts. It’s connected to water but no soil. Yes, plants can grow in the absence of soil. It also features a seed kit and a stainless finish to keep it looking fresh all year round.

#9: Automatic Lid Opener

Everyone has experience with bottles whose lids are painfully tedious to open. But that could change for you and your family when you buy a digital lid opener for less than $20. The Hamilton lid opener works through a button push and opens any kind of lid.

#10: Digital Measuring Cups

You can measure both liquid and solid food with the YYGIFT LCD measurement tool. It features an LCD screen on its handle and a button to let you switch it on or off. It also features a button for precise measurements which ensures the residue of any remaining substances is put into account when measuring again.

To Conclude

The world is tech-driven, and that means there are plenty of gadgets that can make our lives easier. For your kitchen, assess your budget and invest in some of the gadgets outlined above. Most of them cost less than $20 and yet they could change how you use your experience.

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