10 Methods of Motivating Employees That Really Work

Are you trying to figure out the best methods of motivating employees? Read this article to learn more about motivating your employees.

Incentive programs motivate around 65% of employees.

But not all businesses have incentive programs. Having an incentive program also means understanding what your employees want if it’s a bonus or a prize.

Not having the right incentive can still make employees unmotivated to work. That’s why it’s important to look at the various ways you, the boss, can motivate your employees.

It’s important to look at strategies that really work and boost productivity in your business.

Here are 10 methods of motivating employees that can boost productivity and results in your business.

1. Recognition 

Sometimes the easiest way to motivate employees is to simply recognize their work.

That means you have to say encouraging words and recognize not only their bigger accomplishments but the simple tasks employees do each day.

For example, if you say “good job” to employees, they feel recognized. You don’t have to say it all the time because it can devalue what you say.

But when you do say positive words of encouragement and you make them feel recognized, it will often spark motivation among your employees in the workplace.

2. Have an Incentive Program

An incentive can be something like offering bonuses, vacation time, or equity.

Having incentive programs like this can motivate employees because they can be based on quantitative measures.

For instance, it can be based on sales, customer service, or something else that provides merit for an employee.

3. The Employee of the Month Awards

If you have an employee of the month award, it offers another form of recognition. It’s another way to motivate employees to try and be the best employee at a company.

An employee of the month can also come with bonuses or additional vacation days. It motivates employees to make more sales or be better at customer service.

4. Have a Prize

Another way to incentivize employees to work hard is to have a prize. It can be an employee voted prize that you purchase every month.

For instance, you can have a different gift basket every month that sparks motivation in the workplace. It helps motivate your employees to work for something more than a paycheck.

5. Have Team Compeititon

There’s nothing wrong with some friendly competition between teams among your employees.

When you have friendly competition, it makes work as a sport. Individuals have bragging rights over who has the most sales or who accomplished the most work.

6. Offer Remote Work

Another method of motivating employees is offering remote work. When employees have the freedom to work from home, they may feel more freedom to do the work.

They may feel more comfortable working in the confines of their home rather than in a cubicle.

The goal is to bring the best out of employees, and sometimes giving them the option to work from home makes them feel the most productive.

7. Change up the Workplace

Adding snacks, board games, and comfortable furniture can help spark motivation among employees.

Employees will feel more motivated to go to work when they like doing their work. Having snacks and a comfortable place to work can motivate employees because they enjoy being at work.

8. Let The Creativity Flow

Another way to spark motivation is to allow employees to be themselves. It allows them to offer suggestions on how the workplace can be better.

Let them offer suggestions on what you can do better as a boss. When you give employees a voice, they will feel heard. They will feel like someone is listening to their input and idea.

When you let employees’ creative side loose, you motivate them because they feel like they are contributing to the workplace.

9. Give Your Employees a Purpose and Passion

When your employees have a purpose and passion in the workplace, they have more motivation to work. They understand the vision of the company and how it aligns with their goals.

In addition, when employees understand their purpose with the company and how there is room to grow, it gives them more passion to work for the company. It gives them the motivation to work up the ladder, make more, and get promoted.

10. Be Honest

Lastly, it’s important, to be honest with your employee. Be honest about how they are performing on a weekly and monthly basis.

If your business goes through performance reviews, ensure you highlight the positives as well as what they can work and improve on with their work.

When employees understand how they are performing and are given honest feedback, they will often be motivated to work harder. They are motivated to not lose their job and they are motivated by their performance review.

Overall, with these methods of motivation, you can create a dynamic and energized workplace. You can give your employees something to work for besides a paycheck. Your employees will enjoy coming to work.

But most importantly, it’s important to understand your employees and how they work.

It’s important to learn more about how to get employees back to work and what motivates them.

Why It’s Important to Understand the Methods of Motivating Employees

When you add methods of motivating employees to your business, it helps spur motivation among your employees. It makes them feel like they are being recognized and awarded for their hard work.

While you don’t have to add every method when it comes to motivating employees, you should consider some of these in this article. It can help you figure out what your employees value and how you can boost your business.

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