10 Must-Have Apps

Google Play Store has over 2.5 million apps currently. Some of them have similar functionalities. Besides, there are free and subscription Android applications that are ideal for tech devices such as mobile phones, game consoles, and tablets. However, many people struggle to choose the right apps for their gadgets. Betway presents to you 10 top must-have apps.

1. Google Duo

Google Duo is a leading Android video calling app. It allows you to sign up and verify your phone number to make prompt calls. The app has a special Knock Knock feature to preview your caller before you press the call button. It is suitable for iOS and Android gadgets.

2. Evernote

The cross-platform utility was released early this year. It enables you to make notes in formats such as audio, photos, sketches, text, and video. Also, the tool is useful in making daily schedules. It facilitates workflow by syncing different devices. Evernote has a home-screen widget that helps you access the notes.

3. Unified Remote

The application helps you control Android gadgets and PCs from a distance. It requires Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to the devices. Unified Remote can support 90 programs including Mac, Linux, and Windows. It is advisable to install a server program for the app to function properly.

4. Curiosity

Curiosity is a new app with an attractive interface. It contains numerous articles. You can listen to its podcasts as you work or activate the notification reminder whenever a new article is uploaded. The application has a discovery tab to subscribe to different topics including education, health, and history.

5. WPS Office

You can easily download WPS Office from the Google Play Store. It has a variety of features that are appropriate for Google Docs, Excel, Microsoft Word, presentations, and spreadsheets. A PDF editor, converter, and reader allow you to share multiple files at once.

6. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a famous file managing application that has a Space Analyzer for extra storage space. You can share files with other users provided Wi-Fi is available. There is an App Manager that backs up or uninstalls other apps.

7. Google Drive

Organizations can store confidential files on Google Drive. It has a huge storage capacity that allows you to access and store files on a cloud platform. The storage service allows you to download, move, print, and share stored files.

8. Nova Launcher

The Play Store has advanced Android launchers such as Nova Launcher. It is fast, effective, and smooth. The launcher has hundreds of customizations for an enjoyable user experience. You can modify its appearance by downloading and installing icon packs from the Play Store. Swiftkey

More than 250 million people use the Swiftkey Keyboard, which applies artificial intelligence (AI) to learn and predict what you want to type. The keyboard has gestures and autocorrect typing. Moreover, it has a GIF search engine and different themes.

9. Google Maps

The web mapping application offers real-time traffic, transit, and GPS navigation. It provides satellite images and street maps for proper planning. The app is available in over 200 nations globally. It helps you navigate new towns and cities.

There is a wide array of Android apps in the Google Play Store. Different people have varying app preferences. Some of them need applications that suit outdoor tech devices while others are interested in Android phone apps. Moreover, there are different Android games in the Play Store. They include action, comic, and science fiction online games.

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