10 Places In The World You Need To Visit

Explore mountainous regions and wide lakes through our list of the top 10 places you should visit. From hiking down winding bridges to helicoptering over vast landscapes of blue ice, we recommend taking nothing short of an adventure during your next trip, with the guarantee of having something for everyone. And if you’re looking for more places to check out, be sure to drop by Exploring this rock.

Blue Eye, Albania

Finding the Blue Eye is like walking into a daydream. With no bus stops in sight and only an unassuming dirt path to beckon you onwards, it is truly the definition of being in the “middle of nowhere”. Visitors find themselves keeping an eye out for signs and paying a small fee to trek to the river, before being drawn in by the pristine and impossibly vivid blue water.

For those who got hungry from the trek, the Blue Eye also features a restaurant by its river banks. Get ready for a meal of lamb ribs and refreshingly cold Albanian beer. For those who can’t get enough of the crystal blue water, continue onwards from the restaurant to find a cold water spring of deep green bubbling into a grotto.

While it may be too cold to dive in, one might enjoy the time dipping their toes into the water and marveling at the sheer beauty of nature around them. A small hotel near the Blue Eye also allows for another night in this magical place.

Ider River

Wonder at the most pleasantly strange bridges in Mongolia. Often taking unpredictable wide turns with its floorboards twisting and winding in interesting ways, the bridges over the Ider River are some to think about. Even though they may be wide enough for vehicles to drive over, the bridges are still encouraged to be traveled across by foot. Enjoy a stroll across these strange and funny bridges while pondering over the reason for their unique design.

Vintgar Gorge

Embark on the Scaffold Trail and witness an absolute masterpiece of engineering and design through the trial along the Radovna River. With its foundations in wood scaffolding, the trail winds down the river and crosses the current along the way. Witness the beautiful canyon walls on your way, some reaching an impressive height of 300 feet.

For those who are new to hiking, the trail makes it easy by only dropping about 1000 feet during the walk, and safety infrastructure such as railings and decks are always in good working condition for any visitor.

Once you reach the end of the trail, be prepared to be swept away by the Sum Falls, a 50-foot cascading water feature where the river drops out. One way to get to Vintgar Gorge is by traveling from Bled, which also offers accommodation. One could even trek from Bled if so inclined.

Milford Track

For those who prefer a more structured tour, Steve from Trips and Tramps offers amazing tour guide services around the Milford Track. An exciting package consisting of a half-day hike, with seven beautiful miles on the tidy trail under the vast New Zealand sky.

For those who want to delve deeper, there also exists a full four day spanning over a 33-mile track. Be prepared to marvel at the lush flora and fauna of Fiordland National Park and its accompanying wildlife.

Duntulm Castle Hotel

In Scotland, at the northernmost peak of the Isle of Skye lies the remains of the historical Duntulm Castle. Enjoy a long drive along narrow roads with the divine mountain landscapes on one side and a deep vivid blue canvas of water on the other.

One may feel like they are driving up to the edge of the world, but a guaranteed sense of peace surrounds the journey. For those who are looking to make their stay, Duntulm Castle offers a small hotel amongst its ruins.

Mendenhall Glacier

Experience your first helicopter ride over the Alaskan glacier with its breathtaking views and evocatively sapphire caves of crystal clear water safe for anyone to drink. From pure white mountain peaks to a wide expanse of icy terrain to explore, book your trip through Temsco Helicopters.

Located in Juneau, not only do they offer a once-in-a-lifetime journey, but they are also incredibly accommodating and flexible with any of the locations you are interested in.

Lyngen Lodge

From March to May, one can make their way to the Lyngen Fjord by boarding a skipper that ferries quests to islands nearby. They may hike up mountainous peaks or ski down the beautiful beaches of Norway.

The Lyngen Lodge is situated in a convenient spot perfect for boat skiing with a breathtaking view of the rivers and mountains. Do take care to note that the lodge asks for a heavy sum of $4,500 a week, which pales in comparison to the immense beauty surrounding you.

Anchorage Train Depot

While the usual means of travel usually consists of cars and planes, why not try trains for a change? The Alaska Railroad offers a unique train ride through Alaska with its quaint little towns and pure wilderness. With a seemingly never-ending ride spanning a total of four and a half hours from Anchorage to Seward, you may even have the opportunity to observe some wild moose and bears along the journey.

Also do note that Seward serves as the entrance for Kenai Fjords National Park, where one can enjoy a calmer medium of transport in the form of boats cruising along beautiful ice-blue glaciers.

Dynjandi Waterfall

Witness one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world located in the remote Western fjords in Iceland. Often dubbed the country’s jewel, the waterfall has an impressive height of 328 feet and crashes down with a deafening sound like its name suggests. Some interesting facts about the waterfall include how it sweeps a total of 98 feet across and spreads to a total of 646 feet down to the bottom.

Some may even say that the waterfall resembles the shape of a bridal veil. For those who seek more, make a 15-minute hike along the main falls and come across some smaller waterfalls below the massive Dynjandi. Grab the opportunity for a beautiful picture under the falls if you don’t mind getting your clothes a little wet.

Rapa Nui National Park

Easter Island is a place quite like places in dreams, interestingly remote and peaceful, even with a tinge of magic if you warm your mind up to it. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world sliding down into the Pacific. Also, its beaches are made of dark volcanic stone, certainly something that not everyone has seen before.


The world is full of interesting and breathtaking travel destinations. For those who seek out a unique place to visit, we hope that this list helps to churn out some ideas. Who knows? From helicoptering across Alaskan glaciers to discovering a hidden river, it might be you sharing these wonderful experiences with your friends next.


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