10 Simple Business Ideas for a Student Startup

Many students are aware that the university is an ideal environment to begin a small enterprise, as demonstrated by the achievements of Mark Zuckerberg and numerous other student entrepreneurs. These individuals have proven that students have the capability to effectively initiate and manage both businesses and corporations.

If you consider that 40% of small businesses are making a profit, there is no need for concern when it comes to starting your own business. The key is to identify a brilliant concept that you can take advantage of.

This article will outline the most convenient and cost-effective business options that students can venture into for long-term and short-term profitability. Without any delay, let’s dive right in.

Writing Service

With the large volume of essays given by professors to students, there is an opportunity to earn money by writing essays for students and establishing your own essay writing service. This business idea is highly favorable. A majority of students seek assistance from papertyper ai for their assignments. Furthermore, being a student would increase the likelihood of gaining clients from your university or faculty.

If you achieve a high level of success, you have the opportunity to carry on with this business even after completing your studies. By continuously expanding and introducing new ideas, it is possible to build a multi-million-dollar company from this endeavor.


If you are highly skilled in a particular subject, you will discover that there is a high demand for students seeking your assistance. Therefore, you can establish your own tutoring enterprise where you can charge between $10 and $100 per hour, depending on the complexity of the subject.

A few educational institutions actively endorse and encourage tutoring enterprises. Professors willingly offer assistance to tutors, and certain schools establish databases to facilitate students in locating tutors effortlessly. However, a potential challenge could arise in the form of competition, particularly when providing tutoring services in subjects like mathematics.

Campus Podcast

Creating a campus podcast that facilitates conversations among teachers, students, and individuals involved in the university can prove to be a successful venture in the future. When expanded efficiently, it will attract all those who wish to promote their offerings within the university, such as services that provide assistance in essay writing for students based in the USA.

Podcast equipment is fairly affordable, with the option to purchase it for $200 or even less. If you consistently produce high-quality content and attract a significant audience, sponsorships may come your way, potentially leading to a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Sell Used Books

At the conclusion of every semester or academic year, students often find themselves with numerous books that no longer serve any purpose to them. Many times, these books are ultimately disposed of in the trash.

Instead of discarding these books, you have the option to collect them and sell them to fellow students at reduced prices. Additionally, you can offer a small incentive to individuals who turn in used books, allowing you to sell them at a higher price, thereby enabling you to acquire more books.


If you have a good camera, you have all the necessary tools to become a photographer. Begin a small photography business by collaborating with event venues to be their official photographer for various events. This could potentially lead to earning a significant income from these occasions. If expanded into a promotions company, this endeavor could become highly successful.

Design Services

There is always a constant need for logos, flyers, website designs, and even product packaging designs, whether it be for events or businesses.

Students have the opportunity to provide their design expertise to startups and businesses. As this skill is related to the digital realm, creating a website would also help expand the availability of their services.

Web Development

Having a website is essential for every business, and for students, acquiring the ability to build one can greatly benefit them. While there are various methods to create a website, coding remains the most widely used approach.

With numerous websites offering free coding lessons, acquiring coding skills has become effortlessly achievable. In the event that coding seems daunting, there are also free website design tools available online, allowing individuals to create websites without the need for coding knowledge. Thus, those aspiring to learn coding face no hindrances whatsoever.


Blogging is potentially the most preferred form of entrepreneurship for students as it offers a quick and effortless method of earning money in the modern era.

If you have a passion for discussing popular topics, consider creating a blog centered around it. Whether it’s movies, anime, sports, or even your school activities, initiating a blog will enable you to locate an audience that you can eventually generate income from.


One thing that students dislike immensely is doing their laundry. However, you can take advantage of this by launching a laundry service that includes washing, drying, ironing, and delivering clothes to students at a reasonable price.

There are plenty of students who are willing to pay you, but you can also focus on and promote your services to professionals or parents who are too busy to do laundry. Attracting clients who are not students will greatly contribute to the success and longevity of your business.

Play Cupid

You can follow Mark Zuckerberg’s example and create a website or app that links together unmarried individuals in your college. This is how Facebook was initially launched.

One advantage of doing this is that you will always have a steady stream of clients. However, a disadvantage arises if you choose to expand as there will be significant competition in store for you.


Determining the optimal business for a student to commence does not have a straightforward solution. To address this, we have invested our effort into creating a comprehensive compilation of the finest startups suitable for students in the year 2021.

Starting a small business can be challenging, especially for students, and it may demand a significant amount of effort. However, if you manage to establish a successful business, you will acquire valuable practical skills, experience, and financial benefits.

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