10 Simple Steps to Selling Your Home Fast

What is the most important thing every homeowner should know when selling their home?

The most important thing they must understand is that selling a home is no different from selling another. In the same way that market forces affect the sale of a twenty-dollar sneaker, market forces can also influence the sale of a million-dollar home.

Leenan Management in Saskatoon explains that factors like the economy, the housing market in your area, and the preferences of local buyers are more powerful than the overall appearance of your home. This is why when getting a house ready for sale, you must understand how prevailing market conditions can influence its sale.

A strategy that lets you take advantage of existing conditions in the market is more important than anything else. In this post about how to sell your home fast, we explain what you can do to ensure that when you list your home for sale, the market is working for you and not against you.

10 simple steps that will help you sell your home fast

1- Find a competent estate agent

Find a competent estate agent

A competent estate agent is an investment, not a cost. Estate agents sell homes for a living; they know a few things you don’t. A reliable estate agent will help you understand the current state of the housing market and the best way to enter the market. They can give you access to marketing networks that will accelerate the sale of your home.

2- Sell at the right time

The housing market is most active before the end of spring and the start of fall. More buyers are in the market during this period, so it is easier to sell your home. In addition to selling at the right time of year, you should know if you are in a sellers’ or buyers’ market. While it is usually better to sell in a sellers’ market, there are strategies for selling in a buyers’ market.

3- Price your home competitively

Your pricing strategy will draw buyers to your home or drive them away. Pricing your home too low will lead buyers to think something is wrong with it. A high price also makes the home unattractive. The key is to find a sweet spot that is slightly below the home’s market value but still allows you to make a profit.

4- Renovate strategically

Not all upgrades will make your home more attractive to buyers. When fixing or updating the house, do it with the following in mind; prioritize function above aesthetics, keep the preferences of local buyers in mind, keep the value of similar homes in your area within sight, and ensure the home is easy to maintain.

5- Hire a professional photographer

A picture speaks more than a thousand words. But where professional photos speak with clarity and power, amateur photos taken on your smartphone could make a better first impression. Hire an expert to take pictures and videos of your home. This alone will make your home stand out from the thousands of homes that will be listed with shoddy images.

6- Hire an expert copywriter

Most homeowners think the best way to sell their home is to discuss its features. But while buyers don’t mind learning about the features of a home, they will only be moved by ads that compellingly speak to their needs. A professional real estate copywriter knows how to create that kind of ad copy.

7- Sell the location

Sell the location

The benefits of the location always trump the features of your home. A lovely home in a below-average location will not be as attractive as an average home in a great location. Use your ad copy to highlight the advantages of your location. Give buyers a reason to want to live in that area.

8- Stage your home

First impressions matter; no amount of words can compensate for the vibes buyers get when they first see your home. This fact holds whether the buyer is visiting your home in person or interacting with photos and videos of it online. Make your home feel like home to your potential buyers by staging the house.

9- Do a prelisting inspection

A pre-listing home inspection tells buyers that your home has no hidden issues. Buyers can go forward with the purchase knowing they are not working into a trap but are dealing with an honest seller. Very few sellers go the extra mile to do this; you can be one of the few.

10- Be flexible with buyers

Recognize that hundreds of other sellers are trying to get the buyer’s attention. Be nice when you talk to potential buyers. Be willing to adjust your schedule to accommodate their demands, such as when they try to arrange showings at inconvenient times. Do not expect buyers to change their schedule to fit yours; that is part of your role as the seller.

Finally, we hope you have as much fun selling your home as you did living in it. We wish you the best. Cheers!

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