10 Things to Know About Survey Sites Before You Start Working

Online paid surveys are an excellent and fun way to make some money on the side, without exerting too much effort. There Are several superb online paid survey communities in America that you could join and start earning money almost instantly.

However, before you join any of these online paid survey communities, there are 10 important things that you should know before you start working on them. Knowing these 10 things can help you earn more money and also help prevent crimes such as identity theft, among other evils.

Therefore, if you’re planning on working on paid online surveys through various websites, continue reading. Here I will be writing about the 10 must-know things about online survey websites before you start working.

10 Facts About Online Survey Websites

Obviously, before you start working on paid online surveys, there would be several questions in your mind. Therefore, this article aims at answering some such questions. Knowing these things can help you make more money from your efforts and save you from unnecessary hassles in the future.

If this sounds interesting, continue reading. And remember these 10 things about online survey sites before you start working on any of them.

Not All Online Survey Sites Are Legit

That’s right. Not all websites that offer very attractive rewards for your efforts to complete online surveys are legit. As a matter of fact, there’re lots of scams that affect the online survey industry. The most common one is to get you to provide all sensitive information such as your Social Security number, bank account details, credit card, and debit card info, and lots more. Such sites are scams because no legit website asks for such details. You could become a victim of identity theft by joining such scam websites.

You Can’t Get Rich Doing Online Surveys

Another false belief that most people have is that online survey companies pay a lot of money. That’s wrong. For every online survey you complete successfully, the company will reward you with a few points. And these points are worth money. However, you will require a considerable number of points, for example, 5,000 points, to seek a payout of $5 only. Therefore, dismiss any stories you’ve heard about people getting rich merely by completing online surveys. However, these few Dollars that you earn can help you slice off a few dollars off your monthly shopping or help save a small amount of money for the future.

Online Surveys Aren’t Available Daily

Actually, online surveys aren’t available daily for you to complete. Some companies will send you only those surveys for topics where you’ve shown interest at the time of registering on the website. Others will send you online surveys depending on your location. In any case, it’s not possible to complete online surveys daily, unless you join several websites at the same time. Even then, you might find some surveys that are not within the scope of your interests or irrelevant to your likes and location.

Fake Information Could Cause Losses

Online survey websites are very strict about their memberships. This means you’ve to provide genuine details about yourself, including your name, email ID and location, among other basic things. Providing false information can cause you to be disqualified from any online survey community. This translates as a loss of your money because your account with that website will be closed permanently for providing fake information. And all the money you’ve earned from online surveys cannot be claimed anymore. Most companies do not reopen an account that is once closed for faking details.

Other Ways to Earn Money

Most online survey websites provide more than one way for you to earn money. These include earning points for playing online video games, watching ads, referring your friends and relatives to join the community, writing reviews and sometimes, asking questions too. You can use all of these ways to earn more and more points and get more payouts from the online survey website. On some websites, you can redeem your points to join Sweepstakes and win bigger cash prizes too. ySense is one such platform where people make money by completing surveys and referring people to ySense. Pritam Nagrale who is blogging at has made more than $80000 just from this single platform by promoting ySense from its blog.

Getting Shut Out Midway

I’ve personally experienced that sometimes you might be shut out from completing a survey after answering several questions. This happens when we give multiple confusing answers or even if the online survey has closed for further respondents. Understandably, this can prove very frustrating because it means a waste of our efforts. At the same time, there’s little we can do about getting shut out midway between a survey because they’re usually no helplines available to lodge a complaint.

Donating Your Earnings

You can also donate your earnings in points to some charity of your choice, if you don’t want the money you earn from online survey websites or the free shopping vouchers worth your earnings. A lot of paid online survey websites have agreements with top charities of America. The website will pay the charity the amount worth the points that you have in your account. However, this also requires you to have at least the minimum number of points necessary for a payout.

Earning Money Takes Really Long

From my personal experience, I can say that earning even a $5 payout can sometimes take as much as four to six months, from an online survey website. That’s because of the points system. Each point is worth only a fraction of a Cent. This means you have to collect a real sizable number of points to make one Dollar. And enough points to qualify for the minimum $5 payout too. This often takes a lot of time, especially if you’re working and cannot do online surveys regularly.

Seek Payout Immediately

Yes, always seek payout immediately upon reaching the minimum number of points to qualify for getting the cash or a free shopping coupon. Never wait to accumulate more and more points till you reach a larger amount of cash. I advise this because sometimes, an online survey website can close your account without notifying you about the reasons. And you can lose all those precious points that you’ve been earning to get a larger payout.

Join More Online Survey Websites

If you have enough time, you should join more than one online survey website. That way, you can have a steady flow of surveys to complete and can earn a higher income. Online survey websites do not restrict you from joining their competitors. However, make sure that you’re active on all online survey websites that you join. Because inactivity for a long period can automatically cause your account to be closed.

In Conclusion

These are the top 10 things to know about online survey websites before you start working on them. As you can see, these are very basic and simple points that you need to remember before joining any online survey community. If you’re in doubt about an online survey community’s legitimacy, always look for reviews on the Internet. Most online survey websites also offer an app that you can download on a smartphone and do surveys, play games or watch ads while on the move. Making money through online survey communities isn’t easy because it takes a lot of time and effort to reach the minimum payout level. At the same time, it’s an enjoyable way to make some money on the side.

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