10 Tips For Your First Tattoo

Did you know that previously tattoos were significant accessories of prisoners and sailors?

Fortunately, those times have gone far beyond, and today tattoos are a stylish part of an image, that features profound symbolism and meaning. Besides, it’s an amazing way to express yourself, beautify your body, or even mask scars or moles.

Modern tattoo artists offer a stunning variety of options for every taste: black and colorful, traditional and new school, animal and floral, geometric, and watercolor… this list is much longer.

So, you’ve decided to get your first tattoo. But as a newbie, know nothing about the process and how to prepare yourself for that? Well, in such a case, our guide is exactly what you need!

Check out the main 10 tips for your first tattoo and enjoy cool tattoo designs at the same time.

1. Prepare Yourself for Pain

Yep, it’s gonna be painful for sure. The intensity depends on individual pain tolerance as well as the placement of the tattoo (the most sensitive areas are feet, butt, and ribs).

However, this pain is mostly bearable: it may feel like a cat scratching you, or like something very hot touching your skin (in softer spots).

Remember, that you can’t take any painkillers either before or during the procedure, as they prevent blood from clotting, making it thinner.

2. Before the Procedure

Also, you must have a clear understanding of what to do before getting a tattoo.

Make sure that the area, where the future is supposed to be, is clean and shaved (if you won’t do it by yourself, the artist will have to do it).

Have a snack, but don’t overeat. Avoid drinking coffee (it reduces pain tolerance and makes you nervous) and alcohol (it acts exactly like painkillers and drugs, causing profuse bleeding that makes all the processes more complicated as the ink will not absorb as readily).

Another before-the-procedure taboo is sunbathing: painful sunburns can make you postpone your arrangements.

3. Research the Artist Thoroughly

The quality, the safety, the level of pain, the final result – almost everything depends on the professional skills of the artist. So, it never hurts to do proper research.

Today, tattoo artists have personal blogs, websites, and regularly updated Instagram accounts, which makes it super easy to check out the health standards, client feedback, quality of tattoos, the creativity of designs, prices – just whatever you’re interested in.

Don’t neglect this stage unless you wanna get into trouble.

First Tattoo Tips

4. After the Procedure

Such side effects as dizziness, slight fever, a little pain, and swelling are common after getting a tattoo. Be prepared to face such troubles and don’t panic.

Also, a new tattoo requires following the care directions, prescribed by the artist, regularly.

5. Choose Wisely

Do I really want a tattoo? – If you keep asking this question, maybe you’d better start with some small and discreet design, like a popular infinity symbol tattoo on the wrist.

Don’t rush: think over the picture thoroughly, try to model different situations, and imagine if your tat looks winning in that case/with those clothes/on that job.

You’d better avoid tattoo fashion trends, as usually they “go out of date” soon – consider something more meaningful and lasting, that will look great today, in a month, in 10 years.

The best choice is the one you fall in love with at first sight.

6. Consider the Placement

We’ve already mentioned that the placement affects the amount of paint you’ll need to withstand during the procedure.

But the question of where to get your first tattoo also deals with other aspects. For example, feet and hands tattoos fade faster, while if you don’t want a lot of people to see your tat, cover up ribs, ankles, or inner elbows. The neck, face, and hands are extremely visible areas, which are not the best choice for some jobs.

7. Don’t Skimp

If you’re looking for a quality tattoo without any health risks and with maximum comfort, it’s not gonna be cheap. And unless you want to find your first tattoo on a fail blog, you’d better pay more, not go bargain hunting, and find an expensive but highly-skilled artist.

8. Dress Appropriately

When getting dressed, bear the placement of the future tattoo in mind. Make sure that there’s easy access to that part of your body.

Avoid brand new clothes – better wear a comfortable and baggy outfit, which won’t rub or bother in that area.

9. Take Someone with You

It’s always better to have someone with you as an ideal distraction from the pain and other unpleasant feelings. This one is especially essential in case the artist isn’t very talkative.

Take a friend for support and help – but inform the artist about it in advance.

10. Prepare to Answer

After getting a tattoo, people will be VERY interested in its meaning, and, of course, will ask you a lot. Also, they may judge it and say their opinion on the design, as if it’s their business.

They may assume that you’re strange, irresponsible, tasteless, need more attention, and so on… So, the challenge is to get through the first couple of weeks.

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