10 Tips for New Homeowners to Spruce Up Your Spring Curb Appeal

Spring is here, and nature is busy painting the earth in bold new colors everywhere you look. All the wild creatures of the field are cleaning out their old homes or building new ones as they prepare to take advantage of spring’s abundance.

Humans are not left out either; this is when families thoroughly clean their homes. After months of lying dormant because of winter, lawns again wake up, and homeowners are getting out their stowed-away gardening equipment.

For new homeowners, J. Butler Property Management in Arlington MA says spring is the time to spruce up the curb appeal and give their new home a facelift. After long seasons of waiting to buy your own home, the season of being a homeowner has finally arrived, and here are a few ways to enjoy it better.

10 spring curb appeal tips for new homeowners

1- Power wash your house

Power wash your house

The sidewalk, driveway, siding, roof, and windows are just a few of the house’s external features you can give a fresh look by washing them. Easily strip away layers of grime from garage floors, decks, patios, or other surfaces.

There is nothing like a jet of water to dislodge dirt from window sashes and peel away old paint from surfaces. In no time, you can strip away years of wear and tear if you wash the house.

2- Declutter the yard

You want the yard to give an illusion of wide open spaces. Do not let sentiment get in your way; remove items that do not serve a specific purpose. You only need it if it directly contributes to the final effect, you want your home to have on visitors and passersby. Decluttering might also mean giving away a few plants.

3- Repaint your home

Repaint your home

After power washing, repainting your house is the cheapest and quickest way to transform its appearance instantly. A simple paint job can save you the cost of expensive renovations. If you decide to change the house’s colors, choose modern colors that will improve the market value of your home.

4- Show some love to your front entryway

The main approach to your home gets much attention, and this area says a lot about what visitors can expect to see inside the house. You do not need to splurge to make this area pop. Simple steps like removing overgrown bushes, adding a selection of potted plants, fixing the stairs, and polishing the deck can make a huge difference.

5- Replace your front door

If you have some wiggle room in your budget, consider replacing your front door (or repainting it). A nice color that pops against the background of the house’s color is a great strategy. Do not forget to add new door hardware – knocker and door handle – while at it.

6- Cut the grass and add color to the yard

Nothing improves a lawn like giving it a nice trim. Take care of bare spots or areas with discolored grass. If there is old mulch lying around, remove it. Add variety to the yard with an interesting selection of lowering plants, including ground cover crops. You want to choose plants that bloom at different times of the year.

7- Update your mailbox

Your mailbox is more than a receptacle for storing correspondence until you can pick them up. It should be a veritable style icon that gives visitors a glimpse of your class and personal style. The mailbox does not need to be large and extravagant to do this. A pretty mailbox with a nice color and simple design makes a ton of difference.

8- Edge lawns and outline your garden

Edge lawns and outline your garden

Pay attention to geometry; minor changes like edging the features in your yard will radically transform the space. Edging the lawn, garden beds, and driveway makes the individual elements of the yard stand out by clearly demarcating the boundaries of each feature. Instead of an undifferentiated landscape, each component acquires its space and identity.

9- Play around with hardscaping

Hardscaping is the name for the non-living elements in your yard. This can include rock gardens, retaining walls, paved sitting areas, statues, or boulders. These features add points of interest to the yard and reduce the amount of landscape area that needs water, fertilizer, or pesticides. They also let you add more functionality to your yard.

10- Light up your home

Good lighting should do at least three things for your yard; make it easier to navigate at night, provide sufficient illumination to make the area safe (deter criminals and wild animals), and highlight the standout features of the yard. Good lighting also plays a decorative role during the daytime.

And that is it for our ten tips to help you spruce up your lovely new home this spring. Don’t forget that half of the reward is the joy you get from doing this. So don’t be afraid to have fun using our tips or to experiment with your fresh ideas.

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