10 Undeniable Signs of His True Love

Love! Although a rare entity to be found, it is still present everywhere, even in the air. The attraction and emotions a person feels about another define the passionate face of love. Every time your man looks at you, your heart skips a beat. When he holds your hand, butterflies flutter in the stomach and every time he says those three beautiful words, your world goes upside down.

Yes, love hurts too and it hurts bad. Maybe that is why you always had your guards up and tried to stop this blissfully hurting feeling from entering your life. But, what do you know? Before you could even notice, his presence started to bring a blushing smile on your face. No matter what has happened in the past, love always finds its way through.


The sunshine seems brighter in love and the world seems a better place to live in but how to know if his love is as true as yours? It was always complicated to define love in words but gestures don’t lie. Remember, love might fade but true love is a resilient force that makes its way through your heart just once and stays there for life. So, here are 10 signs that show that he is ready to catch you if you are falling for him.


1. He is Proud To Be Your Man

He is glad to be on your side and is ready to tell the world about it. He is not the one to hide from friends or public view and is ready to hold your hand in front of everyone. He makes sure that you are seen with him because he considers you a part of his soul now and not just a mere infatuation that is needed to be hidden under wraps.


2. He Accepts Your Flaws As His Own

No one is perfect and he just accepts it gracefully. He knows you inside and out and still, you are the perfect human for him. Instead of nagging to change your certain habits, behavior or attitude, he embraces all of your flaws and loves you even more because of them. He never lets you down before others or feels embarrassed about you.


3. He Asks Your Advice About His Life

Whether it is just a new bike he wishes to buy or a major decision on job change, he asks your opinion about it. What you advise is important to him and he definitely considers it or tries to loop it in his decisions. This is him making you a part of his life and it shows just how much in love he is.


4. He is Making Plans for Future

If he is talking about year plans with you already, like, what will you two be doing next Valentine or how you two will be together still, he is completely smitten with you and wants to take this relationship a notch above. Men do not talk about future plans if they are not seeing them through and if he is slipping out his vision of future with you in it, that means he takes you to be his forever.


5. He Shows You Non-Sexual Intimacy

He is infatuated with you and sex is not the only thing that crosses his mind when it comes to intimacy. If he just loves to hold you in his arms and play with your hair or cuddle with you in bed after making love, then he is showing the signs how much he adores you and is completely fallen for you.


6. He Notices Your Mind and Soul

He pays attention to details. He notices how you are interacting with others, your body language, your presence of mind, your kindness towards animals or people, how you open up to him, your emotions, he sees it all and love you even more for it. These things make him adore you deeply and truly. He feels proud of you and renders helpless before this feeling.


7. He Misses You in Your Absence

He might seem casual when you ditch plans with him to go out on a 3 day trip with friends but he yearns your presence when you are not there. He may go on with his daily life as usual but you are constantly lingering on his mind. He wants to tell you right away if something interesting has happened and calls or text you to tell you about his day because you are not there with him and he is trying to connect with you.


8. He is There For You At Minor Inconvenience

If you are shifting to your new house or feeling hunger pangs at midnight, he will be there for you at the most inconvenient of times. It is not necessary that he has to serenade you in the middle of the night to uplift your mood but will try to do his best to help you out. Sending a food delivery on your way late at night or helping you to lift the boxes when you are moving from one place to another, he will do his best to not let you feel alone.


9. He Keeps No Secrets

Privacy is one thing and hiding something is other. If he is actively avoiding you on social media or he is extra cautious of his phone lying around, then it is a red alert and tries to find the reason behind his behavior. A man who is utterly in love with you will befriend you on every social media platform and will not worry about you handling his phone. Although, on your part, privacy will be expected and respected.


10. You Just Know Its Right

Somehow you don’t over analyze his behavior. You trust him deeply and it feels right to be with him. You fit like a puzzle with each other and everything makes sense. He has given you no reason so far to feel anxious or insecure about him. It’s just you and him in this whole wide world.


If, after reading this article you are sure your man is truly in love with you, then be ready to say yes because he might be planning to pop the question for life long commitment pretty soon or maybe not, but deep inside your heart, you know that he will be with you through every step of life. The love carnival is just around the corner, don’t forget to get a unique valentine gift for him. This is the day to mark your love and togetherness.

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  1. Wow! Thanks, Sahar for writing this amazing article. It feels really overwhelming and blessed when your lover is loyal to you. Would like to say to all the readers to send heart-warming beautiful flowers online to your beloved boyfriend to tell him that I heart you.

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