10 Unique Wedding Ideas for Fall

Autumn is an inherently romantic season. The changing landscape invites everyone to live in the moment and take nothing for granted. It’s the perfect time to have a wedding, especially since there are so many seasonal elements that you can use to make your ceremony stand out. These are 10 unique wedding ideas for fall brides who want something different for their big day.

1. Pick Darker Hues

Red and orange aren’t the only colors for autumn weddings. You can pick darker hues that pair well with fading leaves. Dark purple invitation envelopes play off the deep reds of fall forests and deep green hues draw inspiration from evergreen trees. Use them as the base of your wedding color palette to create a grounded base for all of your decorating decisions.

2. Create Seasonal Flower Crowns

Spring brides often wear flower crowns, but you don’t have to wait until the new year to wear one with your bridal party. Use jewel-toned flowers to celebrate the time of year without compromising your dream bridal look. Rusted ruby blooms, mint jade flowers, and midnight sapphire petals will look stunning on your wedding day. You can even use your flower crown as inspiration for your centerpieces and other flower arrangements.

3. Decorate With Fruits

Fall fruits make gorgeous decor pieces, but it may surprise you to discover what counts as fruit outside of the spring season. Cranberries, pumpkins, and squash can all decorate your venue without breaking your autumn theme. Tuck berries into centerpieces or lines your outdoor reception dance floor with pumpkins. There are always ways to work them into your big day and make your ceremony stand out.

4. Use the Fallen Leaves

People see fallen leaves and think of sweeping them into piles for trash pickup. Using them in your ceremony is one of the best unique wedding ideas for fall brides. Place them decoratively along your aisle and around your altar. They can take the place of rose petals and add a distinct touch to your decor.

The only thing you’d have to consider is if your ceremony will take place outside. Many decorative elements can withstand a surprise rain shower, but leaves will become soggy and lose their appeal. Make a backup plan for rain by considering a backup tent and providing umbrellas for your guests if the weather report predicts a possible shower.

5. Find Inspiration in Harvesting

Fall is the biggest harvest season, so draw inspiration from that tradition by working harvest elements into your big day. Line your ceremony aisle with wheat stalks bound by twine. Add dried wheat to your centerpieces or baskets of apples as decor. You can also research what local farmers harvest near your venue to add a hometown touch to your wedding.

6. Start a Bonfire

Fall wedding receptions can always include a bonfire. Contact your preferred venue coordinator to talk about setting one up after your reception. Guests can make s’mores and enjoy other s’mores-themed desserts provided by a caterer. A bonfire would also double as a place for guests to gather and chat besides their reception tables or the dance floor.

7. Give Away Blankets

Brides almost always provide thank-you bags for guests to take home. It can become a concerning expense if your guest list includes over a hundred people. Simplify your gifts and stick with your theme by sending everyone home with a soft blanket. Roll them up and tie them with ribbons so they’re easy for everyone to grab on the way out. You’ll get bonus points for sending everyone home with gifts they’ll use long after your big day ends.

8. Explore Lantern Styles

Most weddings include candles, but you can use them to create a cozy atmosphere by adding fall elements. Check out varying lantern styles to keep the open flames away from flammable elements like fallen leaves and centerpieces. The contained candles will still add soft lighting that’s necessary with early autumn sunsets. They’ll also elevate your autumn theme if the lanterns use rustic materials like reclaimed wood or iron.

9. Wear Your Favorite Boots

Heels and sandals aren’t standard fall footwear, so consider having everyone wear boots. Have your bridal party wear cowboy boots under their dresses to celebrate your southern roots. You could also wear chunky platform boots if your style is more grunge. You’ll stay nice and warm and avoid any discomfort that comes with high heels or pinched ankles.

10. Include Flannel Fabrics

It’s impossible not to feel the seasonal joy of autumn when you’re around flannel. It’s a cozy, soft material that’s the first thing most people wear when the weather gets cold. Find plaid prints in your wedding colors and use them as table runners or bouquet wrappings. They’ll add another layer of texture to your decor and emphasize your autumn theme.

Find Unique Wedding Ideas for Fall

Your wedding should celebrate the love you share with your partner and the many other seasonal elements you adore. Use these unique wedding ideas for fall inspiration while planning your big day. Whether you host your ceremony outside or enjoy desserts around a bonfire, you’ll love how your fall ceremony stands out from all the rest.


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