10 Uses for Old Perfume

It’s annoying when your favorite fragrance expires before you can use it all or when you stop liking it after a few uses. So, what can you do with leftover or unwanted fragrances? Check out these 10 uses for the old perfume to give you ideas of how to repurpose unwanted perfume.

10 Uses for Old Perfume

Do you have a perfume that’s sitting on your makeup table and it’s wasting away? We have compiled some valuable tips to help you find other uses for it.

Donate It

Instead of leaving your leftover perfume to sit on the shelf, give it to your loved ones or a friend. They may like the perfume and appreciate it more than you do. However, you should show them how to spray the scent if they don’t know.

Tell them to spray the fragrance after showering or moisturizing to have glowing skin. They should also spray the perfume on their body parts that generate a lot of heat and wait for a few seconds to allow it to settle on the skin.

Use it as Air Freshener

If some rooms in your house rarely get enough fresh air, use leftover perfume to freshen them up. Look for unscented dried flowers or dry cotton balls and spray them with the unwanted fragrance.

Once you are done, place the flowers in the rooms or in other places like in the wardrobe, drawer, and under your pillow. You can try the lavender scent as it helps with sleeping and can make you relax.

Use it to Make Scented Candles

The expired or unwanted fragrance is a great way to add a nice smelling scent to homemade candles. Add 6 to 7 drops of the fragrance to the molds as you melt the wax.

When you light the scented candles, they will produce a nice fragrance that can elevate the ambiance of your home and boost your moods.

Use It With A Scented Diffuser

Using old perfume can help you avoid buying scented diffusers you may not like and also save you money. Use the unwanted perfume bottle as a stand and then pour an equal amount of fragrance and water into it.

Place the reed sticks in it to absorb the scent. After a few minutes, the sticks will spread their fragrance in your home. The sticks can last for 3 to 4 months. However, remember to change the sides to use them optimally.

Make a Room Spray

To make a room spray, mix 60 millimeters of distilled water with 20 millimeters of ethanol in a spray bottle. Add 2 to 3 drops of leftover perfume to get an amazing homemade fragrance spray.

Use it on different fabrics and the clothes you will wear the following day, as well as bedsheets and rugs. Be sure to use it within two weeks to prevent it from going bad.

Use It As A Drawer Scent

Old perfume is also perfect for scenting up your cupboards and drawers. You can either leave the fragrance bottle in the drawer with the lid off or spray it directly in the drawer.

The scent in the bottle will produce a nice smell that will remain trapped in your drawer for a long time.

Use It In Your Scented Bath

Unwanted fragrances can also help you scent up your showering water and help you relax after a busy day. Add 3 to 4 drops of the fragrance to your bathtub to make a simple scented shower.

Imagine how you will feel when stepping into a bathroom with a scented aroma. It will make you smell good and help you unwind.

Spray It In Your Car

You can spray your car flooring and the fabric of the seats with the old perfume. Spraying some documents and placing them in your car will also scent up the car. Another place you can spray is your vehicle’s ventilation system.

Alternatively, you can place the fragrance in your car’s aircon fan and enjoy riding in a vehicle that’s smelling nicely. Also, don’t forget your car’s decorations like the pine tree.

Exchange or Sell It

Women wear perfume for various reasons. However, If you have a perfume that you liked the scent while buying and later on discovered it doesn’t suit you, exchange or sell it instead of throwing it away.

There are several places to conduct the transaction including on social media. However, meet with the seller before parting with your money to ensure the perfume isn’t fake and to avoid being scammed.

Spray It On The Toilet Roll

This is another excellent way to use leftover perfume. Spray a few drops of the perfume on the toilet roll directly. Its subtle aroma will make you enjoy visiting the washroom. It will also boost your visitor’s mood when they smell the nice scent.


There are different ways to use negligible perfume including scenting your bath, cupboards, and toilet roll. Try out some of the ideas we have shared above to prevent another bottle of unwanted perfume from going to waste.

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