10 Ways in Which Hair Nebulisers Are Effective

These days, many options with respect to permanent hair removal at home have been made available. Before the availability of nebulizers, it was possible to get rid of hair for some weeks, months, or even years at the most. Several lotions and creams would claim to remove hair permanently, which would not be true. Waxing, shaving, and home remedies are all temporary modes of treatment at best.

What are nebulizers?

Concerning hair removal, these are machines that eliminate hair by deploying Intense Pulse Lights (IPL). They come with inbuilt skin detectors that can adjust the light according to skin color. One can use them for removing hair on the face as well as the body. Not only are they versatile for treating large areas such as the arms and legs, but are also sensitive enough for bikini lines.

To find the best nebuliser for sale it is important to spend some time on the Internet for a reputed manufacturer of this device. It may be a good idea to also get in touch with dermatological experts or relatives for the same purpose.

Are nebulizers effective?

Although they look fancy, one needs to use them with some amount of care as they could cause eye injuries. Intense pulses of light are forms of radiation, though not harmful. IPL acts on the melanin pigment in hair and destroys hair follicles from the roots through many light interactions. The hair that exists sheds away naturally and its regrowth is also slowed down considerably.  Also, the side effects are temporary here. Some of these may include:

  • Scarring (in rare cases)
  • Skin redness
  • Slight itching

Yes, nebulizers are effective because they have the following visible benefits:

  1. Safe and painless form of permanent hair removal
  2. Control the power level and check flashes on a convenient LCD
  3. No need to pluck, shave, or wax anymore
  4. Quick
  5. It can be carried during travel
  6. Extra cartridges are already available, which removes the need for replacement at a later date
  7. Some of them have skin sensors to check whether the skin is suitable for treatment or not
  8. The shadow present below the underarms is removed after IPL treatment. The shadow often remains because the hair shaft still exists in the hair follicle.
  9. Using this device, one can get salon IPL treatment at a lesser price. One would have to visit the salon multiple times, but once the device is purchased, it can be used several times. Though the device itself may be expensive, it is certainly very cost-effective.
  10. IPL is majorly effective on dark hair. In other words, it is not absorbed well by blond or light brown hair where very little heat is created. IPL will show no effects on red, white, or very blond hair.

Frequency of use

The normal frequency with which a nebulizer should be used is once in 2 weeks. However, due to the natural hair cycle of regrowth, using it more frequently will not yield better results. Therefore, even dermatological experts and manufacturers do not recommend a higher frequency.

Laser vs. IPL

The main difference between laser and IPL is that the latter can cover a much larger skin area. Laser uses one wavelength of light while IPL utilizes the entire spectrum while filtering to the most effective range. Results in both cases last much longer than waxing or shaving.

Essential requirements for IPL treatment

  • All persons receiving treatment, whether females or males, have to be above the age of 18 years
  • Always check medical conditions with skin doctors before treatment
  • It is not advisable for women who are pregnant or are breast-feeding

Skin preparation before IPL

  • Debris, stubbles, or hair on the skin surface will always absorb light energy, as a result of which it may not be able to get to the hair follicle. Therefore, it is necessary to shave the skin and make it free of visibly coarse hair.
  • An IPL pulse is sent out in a fraction of a second, which means it would take very little time to cover an entire area of the skin. Expect treatment of the underarm to take 1-2 minutes. Treatment of a larger area such as a leg would understandably depend on the individual’s height.
  • The best idea would be to follow the instructions given in the device’s user manual
  • Be consistent with treatments for positive results

Best times in the year for IPL treatment

Preparing the skin for IPL will not be effective when one is tanned, especially during summer. In case the skin is tanned, it is advisable to wait for four weeks after exposure to the sun. Make use of IPL for hair removal in autumn and winter, which will prepare the skin for summer.

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