100 Days of One Punch Man Workout | Transformation Results – Video

What’s up guys welcome back in business and today’s video I’m gonna show you 100 days of pure dedication discipline diet exercise 100 days of the one punch man workout there’s one thing that I learned in the last few years it’s that if your body is not doing well your mind will follow and as you can see my current shape is not the best I ripped my shoulder last year and then I completely fell off in terms of exercise and diet and that’s why I’m here to get back on track.

Now the One Punch Man is the main character of an anime and he became a superhero by following a simple but intense exercise plan 100 push-ups 100 sit-ups 100 squats and a 10-kilometer run which is around 6.2 miles every single day.

Now my goal is to train like the one punch man for at least three weeks straight so here’s the plan to minimize my risk of injury I’m gonna start training three days a week five kilometers 50 reps push-ups up squats and then I’m gonna slowly increase and by week 12 I will reach seven days a week of training with of course the 100 reps of push-ups sit-ups and squats so then the real deal starts and I’m gonna try to hold this intensity for at least three weeks until day 100.

My diet will be low carb high protein and I’ll be supplementing with a little bit of creatine and protein in case I have absolutely zero energy I will try this pre-workout booster I just bought my current weight is 193 pounds at 26.3 body fat if I can believe my not so accurate scale now enough talking let’s get into the workout.

Day number one guys I just finished my first workout I started with some mobility exercises because I didn’t want to get hurt then I jumped into the squats and then afterwards into the sit-ups then the push-ups and then went for the five-kilometer run which was to be honest the hardest part first day.

So far quite okay I know it’s not perfect but I will try to improve along the way so here we are, guys, day number 10 I’m currently training three days a week at six kilometers and 60 reps my body is feeling quite alright it’s getting more energetic but it also tells me to be careful don’t hurt yourself get enough rest and stick to your diet because that’s not so easy for me but here’s a quick what I eat in a day for you guys.

So I usually start the day off with some old meal some berries and a few nuts maybe a bit of cocoa powder without sugar and a little bit of cinnamon on top that’s a nice breakfast then immediately after training.

I usually train in the morning I get myself a protein shake around 2 p.m I will have lunch usually some chopped bell peppers from in the pan as well as some tofu or some other source of protein like fish or chicken and I might add some fish sauce and a little bit of hot sauce because I like Asian food and then one or two hours before I go to bed I grab myself some coral cheese or quark I don’t know how you guys say that over there add some cucumber some tomatoes some nuts a little spice and that’s it so anyways guys enough about the food let’s keep moving.

Day 20 guys we’re there only 80 more days to go but honestly, we’re making good progress the diet is going all right the training especially the reps getting easier but the running right now where I have a heat wave in my city is twice as hard [Music] back with another update for you guys we just finished week number four and I could tell you this week so far was the hardest not because of the exercise but because of some pain which I developed in my left leg.

So I had to go to the doctor and he told me shin splint syndrome if you’re not familiar with that means you have to take a break and I had to get new shoes now obviously I didn’t want to take a break because of this challenge I took the risk I bought shoes with pronation thank god everything was fine I could run I just finished my nine-kilometer run today and by the way get your shoes ready if you’re starting to run those were my old shoes here and they are so hard and I can just throw them away and we did it guys.

Day number 36 the first day of 10 kilometers and 100 reps and to be honest I’m not too exhausted but to be fair the last two days I had rest days and today I took the booster to get myself a little bit hyped and yeah now it’s the plan to hold this level for at least three weeks and then slowly move on to four days a week than five days a week and then six-seven days until day 100 so I see you guys at the next update and wish me luck.

Day number 57 guys another update for you I hope you’re doing well I’m pretty much doing okay already lost around six kilos right now so the progression is there today is the first day of the week where I train four times a week with the full intensity of 10 kilometers and 100 reps so it’s going to be hard and we’re going to work our way up to seven days a week full one punch man workout intensity by the way I’m also making a picture every day.

So hopefully, in the end, we have a nice time-lapse of my progression from fat and useless to hopefully lean and muscular so I’m gonna keep you guys posted wish me luck and I see you with the next update.

Day number 77 guys my last free day before three weeks of absolute destruction and full workout intensity yesterday I went to a wedding party and I admit I had a couple of slices of cake to recharge okay guys not too much I’m still progressing in terms of weight and body fat so I’m looking forward to presenting you guys my results and I see you at day 100 with my final form.

Day 100 guys we’re there feels like my birthday, to be honest, I can’t believe we finally made it through now I’m going to show you the form of course and first I’m going to show you the time-lapse of my back of my front side and then, of course, I’m going to tell you the weight and body fat so enough talking here you have it.

And that is my final form guys what do you think I think it’s honestly surprising what a simple workout like this paired with the right diet can achieve speaking of diet we lost around 13 kilos which is around 28 pounds and are now at 74 kilograms that’s quite a lot and I just come to realize this as I’m seeing the progress in the time-lapse and now making a video of myself the body fat also went down by eight percent to 18.

4 and here’s a little graph that shows the whole progress honestly this challenge inspired me because it’s a great way to motivate yourself if you do a video if you do pictures every day so I can highly recommend this to everyone and it’s not going to be the last one I’m planning a weight gain challenge here on this channel for the next year.

So if you want to stay updated on this one you know what to do guys other than that I’m going to grab myself a huge piece of cake right now and just going to enjoy a couple of days full of cheating and not doing any running or push-ups squad sit-ups I hope this could inspire you a bit and I see you in the next video

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