11 Advantages Why You Should Plant More Trees

For most, the idea of planting trees in their gardens is to accentuate the aesthetics of their outdoor living. That is why so many people beautify their gardens in summer. For some, tree planting is a good way to get some extra shade from the unforgiving rays of the sun. However, you have to understand that there are a variety of other powerful benefits of trees that you can fully take advantage of.

There is a lot that trees can do for you apart from becoming a healthy source of rest and relaxation or a connection with nature. Read on to learn what those advantages are.

Top 11 benefits of why you should plant trees more

1- Positively impacting climate change

There is one common thing that people share with one another, building up excess carbon dioxide emissions. The CO2 gas has very dangerous implications on climate change, one of which is an increase in global temperature. This is also the prime complication the world has to deal with.

Trees play a very important role in limiting these emissions. Trees can effectively absorb all of the carbon dioxide gas and convert it into pure oxygen. On a per-year basis, the tree can absorb CO2 gas equivalent to 26,000 miles of driving!

2- They cleanse the air

Whenever you go by the seaside or just venture out in the woods, have you ever felt that blissful, energetic feeling whenever you take a deep breath? Well, that is all thanks to the trees. There are a couple of harmful gases that trees absorb – such as nitrogen gas, sulfur dioxide, ozone, etc. They filter these gases, purifying the air in the atmosphere.

3- They cool off your streets

It is simply harrowing to hear how global warming is affecting the world around us on a daily basis. Average temperatures in summer are increasing to frightening levels, the sea is rising, winters are getting harsher, etc.

This is all because of excessive carbon emissions. However, a wonderful way of coping with these problems is planting trees. Asphalt roads and streets trap release heat, trees, on the other hand, absorb all the heat, and because they release water, they keep the streets nice and cool.

4- They are Mother Nature’s air conditioning

You will be surprised to know that planting trees around your house strategically can decrease your month’s air conditioning bills. You can take inspiration from Farms of Manuel Diaz for how you can do that.

More than saving your money, you will also be playing a major role in cutting down emissions released by air conditioning units. You may have heard about green roofs, a concept that is gaining popularity. Green roofs comprising of small trees can effectively trap and absorb heat keeping the roof cool.

5- Trees save water

Apart from providing you with a cooler and fresher environment, trees can also save a lot of water. Thanks to the shade trees can provide, this means the water beneath them will evaporate at a slower rate. Trees have to survive at least 15 gallons of water per week. However, they can release up to 400 gallons of water per day!

6- Trees help keep the water clean

There are plenty of pollutants and chemicals that can be found in stormwater, such as nitrogen and phosphorous. If you don’t have trees, the water from rainstorms will flood into the ocean, along with all these chemicals and pollutants. Trees help absorb this water and release it deep underground, keeping the soil nice and fertile.

7- Good shelter for animals

Trees are an essential element for enhancing the biodiversity of flora and fauna around you. They are a good source of food for animals and can become a safe habitat for endangered animal species. You will be surprised to know that an apple tree naturally produces twenty fruit bushels. This is enough to nourish animals such as insects, birds, etc.

8- A source of renewable energy

Another problem after CO2 emissions is the scarcity of fossil fuels. They will run out soon! That is the sole reason why so many corporations have incorporated the use of green or renewable energy to power their operations. Trees have an excellent capability of being harvested for an alternative form of power. With strategic and careful management, companies can convert trees into eco-friendly fuel!

9- Trees add more power to your soil

When you talk about agriculture, there is nothing better to enhance it than to use trees! There is a myriad of factors why trees are excellent for agriculture. For example, they help fight soil erosion, enhance soil fertility, they help moisten the soil, etc. Moreover, the leaves that fall from different trees help become a shade for the soil, decreasing soil moisture from excessive heat.

10- Erosion control

There are two natural factors that damage soil and cause soil erosion – rainwater and wind. The momentum of a raindrop is powerful enough to penetrate the soil. Moreover, if the soil loses moisture, powerful winds can further damage your soil. Trees can help break the momentum of raindrops and act as a barrier inhibiting strong winds from damaging the soil.

11- Communal benefits

Sure, you own the trees you plant. However, unbeknownst to you, your trees are also benefitting your neighbors. The same goes for a whole community that has trees planted on their properties. Similarly, tree planting can also be beneficial to control emissions caused by increased traffic. That is the sole reason why Mexico has planted vertical gardens on roads and highways.

Final thoughts

There is a score of the benefits of planting trees. And planting them strategically will not only help benefit you but can also be advantageous for the entire environment you live in. So get going and unfold the streams of value that tag along!

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