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11 Creative TShirt Designs to Inspire You

Need some inspiration for your creative projects? Check out these creative tshirts! T-shirts for inspiration, creativity, and solid work focus

While we’re all inside, many of us are actually being seen more than ever. People all over the world are using video chat software to virtually meet up with friends, family, coworkers, and even complete strangers at events like online raves.

So, while it’s great to stay comfy during your extended stay home, that’s no excuse to slack off on your look. In fact, it’s a good reason to boost your style. What’s wrong with a few gifts for yourself to boost morale and your reputation?

Thousands of creative tshirt designs are for sale online so that you can do that. A bonus is that they’re not just stylish, but comfy too. Here’s a list of 11 to give you some fashion inspiration.


  1. Extreme Sports Shirts

Who doesn’t love the raw energy and thrill of sports like BMX, snowboarding, and skateboarding?

Channel some of that adrenaline with a creative tshirt styled like the coolest extreme sports logos. If you want to get a feel for this look, shop here for shirts!


  1. Make Yourself a Canvas

Many creative tshirt design ideas are geared towards an older audience or made only for children. However, there are many colorful art and illusion shirts that work for all ages.

One fun look is an illusion shirt that makes it look like someone’s drawing or painting on you. This is a great look for school or everyday wear.


  1. Pull-On Pop Art

Are you creative and into art history? Add some interest to your wardrobe with pop art shirts with designs from or like some of the most well-known pop artists’ work.

Want to show off your art knowledge? Try wearing a shirt with designs from or inspired by artists like Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and more!


  1. Go Wild With Animal Tshirts

Want to make a bold impression at your next Zoom rave? Release the beast by putting on a cool animal tshirt.

There are many creative shirt designs with animal themes. Some popular variants include shirts that make it look like animals are popping out of your chest, animals with galaxy print, and realistic animal print—sometimes in unrealistic colors.


  1. A Gory Illusion

Do you live for shock value? Whether you get spooky only in October or embrace horror all year long, gory illusion shirts are just what you need.

You can buy gory shirts, some realistic and some more stylized, that look like you have serious injuries or are missing your skin, for example. One funny (or scary) illusion is a black shirt showing a body with the middle chopped out. It really looks like you’re cut in two!


  1. Get X-Ray Vision

Skeleton shirts are a Halloween classic and many alternative dressers embrace them all year long. These days, skeleton tshirts are more realistic than ever.

If you like to creep folks out just a little bit, this is a great option for you.


  1. Make Yourself a Star

Do you dream of the stage? Are you a performer who misses your work? Another creative kind of illusion design is a 3D microphone, guitar or another instrument that makes it look like you’re playing.

This shirt is fun for any time but could get especially big laughs if you DJ for a party or host a show.


  1. Fake Tattoos All Over You

Do you want a tough reputation but secretly have a fear of needles? There’s a cool illusion shirt for you too. You guessed it—tattoo shirts.

These shirts make it look like you have ink. Some of them are totally flesh-tone—unfortunately, currently mostly for light skin—and others simulate tears that reveal your “skin” and “tattoo.”


  1. Let It Glow

Glow-in-the-dark isn’t just for kids! It’s a must at grown-up dances and parties, and there’s a wide variety of glow-in-the-dark designs for you to choose from online.

Options include seemingly regular graphic tshirts that secretly have glowing features, patterned tshirts that look great at a rave, and shirts that may not look like much in daylight but glow brilliantly at night.


  1. Show off Bold Branding

When you buy clothes, are you most hoping to show off the brands you buy? Branded tshirts don’t have to be boring. In fact, companies are working hard to stay relevant, and brand logos are more exciting than ever.


  1. Get That Chain You Always Wanted

Chain necklaces have been a popular part of men’s fashion for years, and a lot of guys aspire to own one so they can be the hottest and most impressive versions of themselves.

The truth is, though, that not a lot of guys can afford bling. If you want to look high class but can’t afford the real deal, another popular 3D image printed on shirts is jewelry. These creative shirts are really neat, actually—many are very realistic.

Plus, now that many of our interactions are via webcam, nobody’s going to be able to tell the difference, anyway!


Looking for Other Cool, Creative Things to Do?

Now that you know about these 11 awesome, creative tshirt designs, you’ll be able to lounge comfortably at home and stay dressed to impressed for all your interactions. Isn’t that every guy’s dream?

With your top taken care of, are you in need of new pants, socks, shoes, or anything else? What about hair products, razors, and other men’s self-care products? If you aren’t sure what you should buy, we have all the ideas you need right here.

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