12 Best Instagram-Worthy Spots in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most frequently Instagrammed cities. Fabulous shots of the Burj Khalifa piercing the blue skies still turn up on Instagram regularly. Dubai’s theme parks, shots of the Jumeirah Mosque at night, and desert sunrises and sunsets – you can see all these on Instagram. Instagram-followers love pictures that present different aspects, views, and angles of known landmarks. Look up all the pictures of Dubai you can find on Instagram, and do one better. You’ll certainly not struggle for photogenic spots in this vibrant, colorful, and polished city! Want to know why Dubai is a favorite of Insta-lovers? Check out these top 12 Instagram-worthy places.


  1. Love Lake, Dubai

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Love Lake opened just recently – in November 2018 to be exact. This ginormous twin-heart-shaped lake is 550,000 square meters large. It is one of Dubai’s most romantic destinations. The twin hearts of the lake are intertwined, surrounded by miles of rubber tracks that are a jogger’s dream. The twin lakes are surrounded by trees that read the word ‘Love’ in huge letters when viewed from the top. A popular Instagram shot in recent times is one taken from a drone, capturing the lakes and the Love sign, against the vibrant desert sunset. Love Lake is the newest among the Instagram-worthy places in Dubai.


  1. Miracle Garden

This magical flower garden will make all your childhood dreams of fairies and pixies come true! Over 100 million multi-colored, fragrant flowers are artistically arranged in myriad shapes. You’ll see beautiful heart-shaped arches winding through the park. You’ll see a giant teddy bear made entirely out of flowering plants. There are a 1000 perfect Insta-selfie spots in this magnificent outdoor garden, always a favorite among Instagram followers.


  1. Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Take a trip away from metropolitan Dubai and enter its oldest region, the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. This hidden gem with its narrow cobbled lanes dates all the way back to the early 1900s and beyond. The historic architecture is comprised mainly of black coral – you can see the bare bones of the coral in some houses. The enclosed courtyards and rustic alleyways make a unique background to your Instagram shot, especially when you catch the sun’s rising or setting rays filtering through the narrow lanes.


  1. Alserkal Avenue

Visit Dubai’s art hub, Alserkal Avenue, and explore its many galleries, cafes, workshops, and art shops. This place has a definite artsy vibe, with its color and bohemian touches. People here are laid back, wearing colorful boho clothing and jewelry. Get your creative juices flowing, and take beautiful pictures of the vibrant street art, lovely cafes with outdoor service, a colorful art market, studios, and more.


  1. City Walk Dubai

The whole of City Walk Dubai is definitely an Instagrammer’s dream. Explore the vibrant street art, the lovely boutiques, and the cool cafes. Look for perfect insta-worthy shots taking in the street art and the knitted trees on the streets. City Walk is located between Jumeirah Beach (La Mer) and Burj Khalifa. The area is lovely to explore for shots in the morning or in the evening when the sun’s dying rays hit the colorful streets with their graffiti.


  1. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is all about perfect turquoise blue waters, pristine white sands, and blue skies. It’s the perfect place for a nature shot but what makes it more perfect is Burj Al Arab in the background. This is one of the few beaches from where you can get a perfect shot of the great Burj Al Arab. Lie down on the beach and take a bottom-up shot of the Burj, capturing the sea and sands in your shot.


  1. Dubai Opera

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The grand Dubai Opera, shaped like the prow of a ship, makes for a fabulous Instagram-worthy shot. When the opera’s all lit up at night, the building truly looks like a lit ship in the harbor, shining brilliantly. During the day, the blue windows and the grey border that forms the ship’s prow design glint in the sunlight. Whether you focus on the Dubai Opera’s exterior or its beautiful seating area, you’re bound to create a shot that’s definitely worthy of Instagram!


  1. Atlantis – The Palm

The iconic Hotel Atlantis is an instant-fave, with its palatial frontage, fronted by the blue Persian Gulf. The hotel’s unique shape which recreates the Bahamas’ Atlantis makes this one of the best Instagram-worthy spots in Dubai. Try different angles – take a picture from a helicopter, or from a dhow cruise Dubai. Take a picture from its beach, or visit one of its cafes, such as Narcissism. The Atlantis The Palm is a favorite on Instagram for its amazing architecture and sunset views.


  1. Green Planet Dubai

Green Planet is an indoor tropical rainforest where you can interact with a whole world of exotic fauna and flora from the tropics. It’s a vertical tropical forest, with incredibly colorful plants, flowers, and animals. The canopy, which stands at 30-45 meters above ground filters in the sunlight. Brilliantly-colored chameleons and super-cute sloths flit about the green trees, offering myriad opportunities for the perfect shot.


  1. Burj Khalifa

No one tires of seeing new pictures showing off different perspectives of the Burj Khalifa. Everything is popular on Instagram – pictures of the view from At The Top, or a slanted view of the Burj Khalifa at night, when the brilliant laser show is on. The subject doesn’t grow old, so it’s up to you to come up with inventive ways to show different faces of the great Burj.


  1. Dubai Creek

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Dubai Creek is an amazing location to capture some excellent Instagram-worthy shots. See if you can get some aerial shots of the Dubai Creek Harbour with its dhows and abras and yachts, and the Burj Khalifa glittering away in the background. Long shots of the Creek lined by tall skyscrapers with the water glinting brilliantly in the bright sunlight are also great. The Dubai Creek presents a number of opportunities for great Instagram-worthy shots.


  1. La Mer

Want to take shots with a bit of a mix of city life and nature? Head to La Mer, the newly-created lifestyle area, a boon for Instagrammers. La Mer’s many stylish cafes, the beautiful beachfront, lovely beach houses, and the view of the beach all make for great shots. See if you can capture the stunning Burj Khalifa in the background when you take your pictures.



Dubai is the kind of city where you simply won’t run out of Instagram-worthy picture-perfect places. Newer attractions are being added every few months, and changes are made to existing ones. Every place has something of interest to offer the Instagrammer – it only depends on your perspective and your creativity. The perfect shot’s waiting for you in Dubai!

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