12 Tips for An Easier Summer Cleaning of Your Home

As soon as the summer comes, most people start to stock up on their cleaning supplies to clean the whole house in these longer days. Cleaning each corner from floor to ceiling may be overwhelming for some people.

But for others, summer clean is a chance to give their houses a deep cleaning at least once a year. For those cleaning lovers, here are some tips to follow to make their cleaning task easier:

1- Make a schedule or break time in chunks

Come up with a schedule and know how you’ll clean. Know which cleaning task motivates you to do it first. Get ideas for roof cleaning that save you from potential injuries.

Also, do small chunks like 10-minute chunks to start dusting different areas of the house.

For example, first dust out the floor. After taking a few minutes of rest, clean doors, switches, and ceiling fans with the help of a microfiber cloth. Likewise, clear debris from the baseboard.

2- Get rid of clutter first

Starting a cleaning work means you have to deal with a lot of clutter. So, first of all, get rid of this clutter. It is better to hire a skip bin company to reduce cleaning time and remove your clutter easily. Skip bin services take less time to move your trash from your place and it is the easiest way to save time.

3- Stop more dirt with two doormats

Doormats allow you to prevent making dirty steps inside the house. You can take two doormats for this job to stop more dirt. If your steps are dirtier or filled with mud, two doormats will help you keep your house clean.

4- Clean the microwave

A microwave or oven is the equipment in which your daily food is being cooked, and obviously, there will be spillage. Put water and vinegar in your microwave until boiling to deep clean your microwave. After that, wipe down.

This is the safest and easiest way to get rid of rigid stains in the microwave. Another way to remove stubborn spots in the microwave or oven is by placing a hot, wet cloth on them to soften and scrub them.

5- Deep clean your pots

Your pots and coffee mugs may have some stains for a longer period, which does not look good at all. So, deep clean them by simmering water, dishwashing liquid, and then scrubbing. This is also good for dishes with burned food. Stain-free dishes give a glimpse of a hygienic kitchen.

6- Get rid of fingerprints on stainless steel

Stainless steel is more prone to give visibility to your fingerprints. It doesn’t look good and makes your item dull. Mix a dishwashing liquid with water for cleaning. Rub with the grain and then rinse with hot water before drying with a clean cloth.

7- Wash plastic toys

If you have children, then toys are common in your house. Maintaining the hygiene of these toys is essential for the health of your kid. Wash the plastic toys in the dishwasher and let them dry. Remember to avoid heating dry as the plastic will melt.

8- Keep your shower clean

Your shower can become dirty if you do not take care of it. With daily water, there is a chance of developing mildew around it. Keep a squeegee around the shower for daily cleaning so you can skip it next summer. Daily cleaning helps to get rid of that mildew development.

9- Clean ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are that part of the house that we cannot clean daily. And they are filled with dust for over a year. So, deep cleaning is necessary as well as tricky.

The dirt can hurt your eyes. Use a drop sheet to catch dust when cleaning ceiling fans. This way, the dirt will not fly away and create any mess. Also, your eyes will be safe.

10- Use an electrostatic duster

The electrostatic duster is for a quicker blind clean. After cleaning, you can wipe with dryer sheets to repel dust. This is the easiest and most time-saving technique.

11- Do not forget to clean the toilets

This will be one of the most difficult cleaning tasks for some people. But cleaning toilets is essential to maintain hygiene. It is best if you invest in some supplies that make your task easy like a mop with a detachable pole.

12- Add a good home odor

Adding fragrance after cleaning makes your home feel fresh. Also, helps in de-stinking from cleaners’ smell. So, add a refreshing fragrance with a home odor.

Well, all these cleaning tips are beneficial for you when you are doing internal house cleaning. However, for roof cleaning, you must know why hiring a roofing contractual worker is important.

If you are deep cleaning your interiors only, then follow the above-said tips, but for external cleaning like the roof, it’s better to hire an expert.

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