12 Uses Original Uses for Your Turkish Towel

Originally manufactured in Bursa, Turkey in the 17th Century, Turkish towels were first used in Turkish bathhouses as they were so lightweight and quick drying.

They were quite the luxury item in the beginning, as they were hand made with a loom, from opulent materials such as silk, linen, or Turkish cotton.

In early times, the Turkish used a bath sheet for every part of a soon to be bride’s body, as part of a ceremonial bath prior to her wedding.

As time progressed, the towels were used in other rituals, mostly those with the theme of purification of the mind and physical body.

During this time, the towels were called “Hammam”

In the 1800’s they became more accessible to other socio-economic classes, as machines became to create them and alternate stock such as blankets and other linen items. 

Turkish towels are different from your standard towel.

They are made up of Turkish cotton, meaning they have longer fibers.

They are still flat woven in today’s times, which makes these items very special indeed.

This means they dry quickly and are super compact and light, easy to store, and oh so versatile.

Here are some uses for your Turkish towel.

1. Picnic Blanket

Take your Turkish towel with you and lay one or more down to add a bohemian vibe to your picnic.

Its compact nature will ensure it sits nicely in your picnic basket without taking up valuable room for other goodies and treats.

Whether it be in a park as you watch the kids play, or in a lovely wooded area surrounded by nature, sit in and comfort and style as you relax and take in the peaceful, tranquil surrounds of nature.

2. Bath Towel

Use a Turkish towel to dry yourself off after a luxurious bath or relaxing shower.

Take the stress out of having wet towels bringing in that damp smell, as they dry quicker than your standard towel.

3. Sarong

On a hot summer’s day, or after a swim at the beach, wrap one of these baby’s around yourself and enjoy the sheer feeling of the fabric.

You can even style it up and make it into a dress and enjoy an original look with some lightweight fabric, so you don’t get sunburnt or overcooked in the fabrics.

4. Wall Tapestry

Add a Curtin rod and some clips for a quick and simple change of look to any of the rooms in your home.

Hang one of these gorgeous items on a wall in an area you want to create a distinctive look, ranging from elegant to tropical spa.

It can be a center point in your lounge room, bedroom, or outdoor patio area.

5. Throw Blanket

Use one of these to cover yourself as you lounge in comfort on your sofa or bed.

Snuggle up to the fine fabrics or simply use it as an end of the bed decorator piece.

It can be used solely as a decorative piece or a snuggle blanket to read a book or watch a good movie with a lovely hot chocolate or glass of wine after a hard day at work.

6. Beach Blanket or Towel

Throw one of these babies into your beach bag.

They are compact and dry super quick.

It can be used as a beach blanket to chill out on as you work on your tan or read a book as you soak up the sunshine.

Drying yourself can become a breeze, as it is very absorbent and it takes up little space.

7. Scarf

On a cold winter’s day, use a Turkish towel to keep your neck and shoulders warm.

The style and patterns can add a unique style to your outfit, whilst keeping snug and warm.

Use a brooch to hold it together or simply tie it in a knot at your shoulder to hold it into place, or simply use it as a wrap around.

8. Table cloth or table runner

Decorate your table with a Turkish towel.

Add a boho element to your outdoor setting or dining room with a tablecloth or table runner Turkish towel style.

Your brunches and late evening twilight get togethers can now have a Bali beach theme with just a quick placement of one of these fabric creations.

9. Carry on a blanket for travel

Air travel can be uncomfortable at the best of times.

If you’re wanting to take some of the creature comforts of home with you, but do not want to affect your carry-on luggage weight restrictions, use one of these lovely items.

Light and neat enough to take up little space and weight, they can still keep you cozy on those uncomfortable flights.

Snuggle up warmly with a Turkish towel and either sleep away the flight or enjoy a good read or short on-flight documentary.

10. Curtains/Window Coverings

Add a rod and some clips and you have a quirky and extraordinary curtain.

The rod and clips can be as ordinary or as decorative as you wish to complete a distinctive and tasteful look in an otherwise potentially drab room.

This will give you privacy and add a touch of the boutique to your room.

11. Imagination Play with the Kids

Children have an active and wonderful imagination.

Add a Turkish towel to incorporate a magical flying carpet or Superhero cape as part of their play routine.

Hand your lovely little munchkins a Turkish towel and watch them explore their creative side.

Watch them come alive with their child like wonder with ideas our adult dreams may have not even thought of.

12. Baby blanket

Some of these items are small enough to use as a baby blanket, keeping your infant snug, but not overheated.

Following SIDS guidelines, your beautiful cherub can be wrapped or covered nicely and safely in a feathery blanket, ensuring they are comfortable.

Please note, that it’s advisable not to use any fabric as a pram cover as this can cause the child’s area to become overheated.

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