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15 CNC Product Ideas For Holiday Seasons

Holiday seasons are special periods of the year. This is that one season that makes you take a break from work and every other thing to focus on yourself and your family. It is also this time of the year that we pay more attention to our environment to make it look more beautiful. We are in a world where online shopping has become the new normal, where almost all houses have the same products. So making distinctive products for yourself and customers will go a long way to make the holiday season one to remember.

With your CNC machine, there are many trendy and playful designs you can make. Now, imagine how cool it would be to make money from what you love. Even if you do not have an eye for designs,  there is a DXF file for any designs you can create with your mind. Your CNC machine can read these files and replicate them into incredible designs. Now, let us take a quick drive into the top 15 product ideas that are perfect for the holidays.

1. Furniture for Holiday

First on the list of 15 products is amazing furniture with cool designs. Furniture is one of the most popular CNC products. So, it is obviously a great idea to make one for your customers during the holidays. You can make furniture like a desk, chairs, tables, etc. All you have to do is to come up with distinct designs that are irresistible to customers. You would be amazed what a good design can achieve in minutes.

2. Accessories for Christmas Tree

One of the main highlights of Christmas is a Christmas tree. Erecting a Christmas tree with family and friends creates a sense of togetherness. With a CNC machine, you can make unique accessories to decorate the Christmas tree. Most of these accessories are made of plastic or wood, and once you get the designs right, you are good to go.

3. Maps for your Wall

At this point in the industry, you must have heard of Cartography. It is a Map representation on a surface for observation or study. Be it a landscape of mountains or oceans, the design can be as simplistic or sophisticated as you want maybe a landscape of mountains and oceans all over the world. With one choice, you could have map ideas in minutes.

4. Miniature Buildings

With a few designs using a DXF file, you can create some of the best decorative house miniatures. Depending on how much of a designer you are, you can help your customers customize their houses. So many homeowners will love to have one in their homes.

5. Doll Houses

Whether you’re an adult or a kid, having a dollhouse is not a bad idea. Although dollhouses are familiar with kids, adults are allowed to own one too. Some people can get them as gifts for their kids, neighbors, or co-workers. Once you have a DXF file with the design and remarkable material, you are good to go. If you are familiar with a CNC router, you must know that signs are one of the first things people make after buying a CNC machine. If you have made one before, then you know the feeling. Make someone happy with a dollhouse this holiday.

6. Mini Book Holder

You can make some home office furniture to help your customers better express their personality in their workspace. A good example is the desktop book holder. They are often wooden materials to hold your tablet or books during a long read. It’s a practical item, so many would love to buy it as a gift for their loved ones.

7. Customized Holiday CNC Products

Whether it is the Christmas holidays, Thanksgiving, or Halloween, you can make well-crafted decorations that are unique for the event. An example is a mini-Christmas tree to decorate the house, which could be an all-year-round routine.

8. Coasters

Most well-kept homes love coasters because it adds a lot of beauty to their home. They also require little capital. So coasters are one of the CNC products that give the best profit margin possible. 

9. Door Mat

The holiday season is one of the periods of the year when people have lots of visitors: family, friends, colleagues, or co-workers. So, think about welcoming them with a beautifully designed doormat. You can also make a design according to each holiday season.

10. Key Trays

Holiday seasons are the best time to change stuff in your home. Coin and key trays are common household items often found around hallways. They are simple and help tidy up some clutter. If they are that important, you can make good-looking ones for your customers.

11. Bathtub Trays

You can do a lot of things in the bathtub if you have a bathtub tray. As you wash your body and relax, you might want to read a book, sip a nice drink, or browse with your device. Your customers would like to do the same too, so make bathtub trays and sell them.

12. Shelf

The shelf is furniture that you can make with a CNC machine using a DXF file. You can store a whole lot on a CNC shelf. They help people to be organized, so you should consider making one.

13. Wall Designs – Make Use of a DXF File

Many engraved wall designs can beautify your home with an impressive design and good material (e. g. wood). Now some websites offer ready-made designs in DXF file format. So if you haven’t come up with any distinct idea, consider looking for those to make some well-selling furniture.

14. Phone Cases and Accessories

You’d be surprised about how much people idolize their phone accessories like the phone pouch. There are several accessories you can make with your CNC machine to beautify the home and other gadgets. You can also make customized jewelry, keyholders, phone cases, etc.

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