15 Essentials of Vacation Style for Men

Spending your vacation somewhere hot means choosing the right clothes, or else you’ll end up soaking in your own sweat and always desperately looking for air-conditioned rooms. There is also the style factor that you have to consider so you’ll always look good in your vacation photos, despite the weather.

Here are some of the warm weather essentials and travel accessories that men should bring during their vacation:

1. Fitted short-sleeve shirt

While it seems like a big style no-no for many to wear short sleeve, button-up shirts, it is actually a perfect addition to your summer travel wear. Just make sure that it is a well-fitted one, with a sleeve that perfectly hugs your upper arm and ends about three quarters down. The rest should be fit enough to allow you to move comfortably without the shirt billowing in the summer air.

2. Weekend bag

Men’s toiletry bags should match your stylish vacation outfits. It should be large enough to accommodate your laptop and luggage, with lots of pockets for better storage and organization. A leather weekend bag would look great!

3. Swimwear

If you’re the active, sporty type, wear elastic surf shorts made of quick-drying materials with some fun funky print. If you have lots of plans to get plenty of Vitamin D at the beach, find thigh-length shorts. Make sure to choose swimming trunks with a material that retains its shape. Otherwise, it won’t fit well after a few washes.

4. Sunhat

The scorching heat of the sun can be unforgiving on your skin, especially on your face. Protect yourself with a lightweight hat, such as one with mesh webbing. It is perfect for covering your head and face from direct sunlight without keeping you hot or extra sweaty.

5. Canvas sneakers

A pair of men’s shoes has long proven its style and versatility. It can help turn what would have been a dressy outfit into a more casual one.

6. Casual pants

These are perfect for daytime use. You can even find these kinds of pants on Alpineswiss.com that can be converted into shorts. If you have plans for your evenings, don’t forget to pack smarter casual pants.

7. Belt

This is an excellent final touch to any outfit. It could be a leather belt, for when you plan on dining out a lot, where smarter outfits are needed. You may also try the webbed belt to introduce depth with its patterns or lighten up the rest of the outfit if you have on a solid color.

8. Light sweater

Even if you’re taking your vacation somewhere warm, the nights can get quite chilly. A light sweater can keep you warm, especially if you have lots of plans for your evenings.

9. Smart shirts

These are also versatile options in the way that they can be paired with pants to dress up for more formal occasions or dress down for more casual setups.

10. Sport jacket

This is ideal for when you have to visit hotel restaurants that require a smart dress code. You cannot come in with your usual jeans and T-shirts. To meet said dress code, pair the jacket with deck shoes and smart-casual pants.

11. Deck shoes

These can be paired with both pants and shorts, whichever suits the event that you’re attending.

12. Sunglasses

Protect your eyes better with sunglasses. Wearing one can save you from having to squint every time you go out to the beach.

13. Day bag

It’s not like you can always bring your whole bag with you. For your tour essentials, put them in a day bag so you can comfortably walk and move from one tourist spot to the next.

14. Sunscreen

Even during cloudy days, you still need sunscreen if you don’t want to get sunburned and limit your vacation activities. Find one with a high SPF for increased protection from UVB rays as well as UVA rays (given that it has a PA or star rating).

15. Flat Front Short – Fitted

This can define your summer look – stylish! It is a far cry from the usual long, baggy cargo shorts. Even if it could be two inches above your kneecap, it’d still look good on you. Just find the right fit. Once you find well-fitted shorts, buy them in multiple colors.

Have fun during your vacation. Take great photos and create fun memories, all while looking effortlessly stylish in the warm weather.

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