15 Examples of Effective Dental Practice Email Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing channels available to dental practices. Email marketing has stood out from the crowd and grown in popularity over the years for many reasons; it’s effective, direct, and allows marketers to develop stronger relationships with their customers according to their interests and preferences.

There are many ways dental practices can use email marketing, but perhaps one of its biggest benefits and challenges is creating engaging content that fascinates your audience.

Whatever your industry may be, certain trends always seem to work well when it comes to email campaigns; these include using storytelling techniques, providing useful information or insight into a problem you could fix for them, including visuals such as beautiful photos, and sharing statistics about how certain things will benefit them in time.

A recurring theme you’ll notice when looking at successful dental practice email campaigns is that they provide information and educate their customers about something that will benefit them in the long run.

You must remember that not all of these emails will suit every dentist, and some may even seem irrelevant to your industry – after all, people are different, which means what works for one dentist may not work for another. 

Take a look through the list below, and hopefully, you’ll pick up something new that will help you improve your dental practice email marketing in no time.

1. Use Personalized Emails to Drive Repeat Patients

One of the most effective ways to get return patients is to send them personalized emails. According to Experian, personalized emails can increase open rates by 543%, click-through rates by 685%, and conversion rates by 1020%.

Of course, sending out individualized emails is great. Still, you don’t want your customers getting bored of receiving the same email over and over again, so be sure to mix it up by including some variety in your campaigns.

2. Create Personalized Emails for New Patients who introduce Themselves

One way to create a personalized email campaign is to use a welcome sequence, which helps you get new patients acquainted with your practice. Instead of sending an automated email stating the benefit your practice offers (which can often sound generic), why not take it a step further and create an email that welcomes them to your dental family?

A welcome email starts by introducing his name and some basic information about himself, including where she studied dentistry before following up with what you might expect from a typical dental office. What makes this introduction so effective is how he includes details about the staff members at the time of writing – both current and former ones too!

This helps new patients see they are joining more than just another dental office but becoming part of a dental family.

3. Use Clear Calls-to-Actions in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

While it’s important to create a connection with your audience and include personalized information, you also want to be sure they know what action to take next! Therefore, asking them to do something specific such as “book an appointment” or even just asking them if they have any questions, will help you achieve this goal.

Suppose one dentist knows how to encourage his patients to take the next step. This will do well by including clear calls to action throughout his email campaign relevant to each recipient. For example, if he knows one of his patients is trying to sell their home, why not include a call-to-action that has them book an appointment with you to “improve their appearance” before going on sale?

4. Offer Up Exclusive Deals or Discounts

As a dental practice, you need to have all your patients returning time and time, so offering exclusive deals is a great way for this to happen.

One of the best ways to do this is by using a rewards program, which lets customers earn points towards future purchases or even just discounts on certain treatments depending on how much they spend on your surgery. By including these points in your email campaigns, too, you can create additional engagement from your recipients who will be eager to find out how they can get the most out of your rewards program.

5. Personalize Your Emails With the Dental Industry News

If you’re looking for ways to improve dental practices’ email marketing game, then I’d recommend listening up!

So dental industry news is more than just about knowing what’s happening in your local area but rather finding out what’s trending around the world so you can adapt it for your campaigns. By doing this, not only will potential customers feel like they’re receiving information that’s relevant to their interests but can also relate to your brand more too.

6. Include New Way of Marketing Tips with Your Email

Let’s say you’ve just found out about a new way of marketing yourself online, such as videos, social media, or even Pinterest – don’t keep it to yourself! Share this knowledge with your community and let them know how they can use these techniques for themselves too.

However, I would recommend doing so in different ways, including tips within your email campaigns rather than just telling them what they should be using. This is because you want to encourage discussion and further feedback from your audience. By adding value to all your emails, could be the difference between opening or ignoring your next campaign!

7. Make an Appointment Request Email Stand Out With a Video

An email campaign that’s difficult to ignore and will grab your receiver’s attention includes a video. After all, we’re now living in an age where personalization has become the norm, and it wouldn’t make sense for you not to include this!

Since videos are much more engaging than images or text (according to research), having one as part of your dental appointment request email could be the difference between them booking with you or going somewhere else instead.

8. Keep Your Emails Brief and Concise

Long emails may seem like common sense, but there are still some dental practices out there that send unnecessary messages that take up much-needed space on your mobile device. Don’t do this because people nowadays want information quickly, and if it’s not relevant to them, then there’s no point in wasting their time.

So make sure your email campaigns are brief and concise, which means the key points have been made at the beginning of each message with little distractions along the way.

9. Create More Engagement With Email Marketing Templates

Dental practices are improving their email marketing game by creating templates that are unique to their brand yet still convey professionalism. By doing this, you can save time on designing new emails every time one needs to be sent out and provide familiar experiences for your customers, which will make them want to come back even more!

10. Include Promo Codes for Easy Saving With Email Marketing Templates

Creating promo codes for each dental practice is another way dental practices can improve their email marketing game. Producing unique codes every time eliminates issues of sharing a code already being used by someone else, so it can help prevent repeated transactions. Since these special offers have been created just for your potential customers, then they’ll feel much more obliged to use them and, in turn, come back for another visit.

11. Make Your Emails More Personal with an Email Marketing Platform

Brands sending out emails regularly should reconsider their email marketing platform and opt for one that includes personalization. This means it will be easier to create better content without having to go through different steps because all you have to do is search someone’s name or even company name, and then include whatever likeness best suits the message at hand.

12. Resist the Urge to Send Out Emails Too

Often With Email Placeholder Images Another way dental practices improve their email marketing game is by including placeholder images in emails that are waiting to be sent out. Since there’s no pressure for dental practices to send out these types of messages right away, this gives them more time to create even better content, making people want to come back for another visit at some point in the future.

Lastly, Keep Your Emails, Simple, & Organized With Email Newsletters Instead of creating an entirely new template every time you want to send out a newsletter.

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