20 Steps towards Ultimate Confidence

So many people are bored and feel they are stuck in a rut and know there has to be more to life than they are currently experiencing. The reason for this is that they just do not have the confidence, self-esteem, or belief in themselves to enable them to do all of the fun and exciting things they really want to do.

You don’t have to worry though, because I have been exactly where you are now, I know what challenges you are facing because I faced many of them too when I started out on the journey of making my dreams come true.

So I have done all the hard work for you, I have researched 1000’s books, been on loads of courses, and listened to 100’s webinars and teleseminars. I have then taken the simplest, easiest to learn, and most effective proven ways for you to change your life and have brought them together, into what.

I believe these are some of the best products and services, you can have, to help you change your life forever, so that you can look forward to each day full of confidence and self-esteem and you can plan, create and live your dream life.

My passion in life is to help people, all over the world, to live life to the full, whether on a personal or professional level and this guide has been written for you, to give 20 steps to Ultimate confidence and start you out on your journey to changing your life forever.

What is self-confidence?

True self-confidence is an inner feeling of certainty about who you are and what you are able to offer to the world. It is the feeling that you are worthwhile and valuable.

What self-confidence is not!

Self-confidence is not:

• Arrogance,
• Acting as though you are better than others.
• False pride or showing off
• Feeling better about yourself by making others feel bad about themselves.
• Being arrogantly boastful, greedy, or mean,
• Nor is it gained by taking advantage of others.

What will having self-confidence do for you?

When you have true inner self-confidence, it is like having a magic wand. You are able to see and step through doors of opportunity that you were never able to open before.

People are attracted to confident people, Without self-confidence, it is impossible to achieve really great results.

With self-confidence comes high self-esteem, which can literally open any door for you.

Confident people have style, charisma, and charm.

20 Tips to everyday Confidence

Using your physiology

The more you walk, stand and look confident on the outside the more you will begin to feel confident on the inside too.

Using your smile

A simple smile is worth more than a hundred frowns.
When you smile, it is almost impossible to feel bad at the same time.

Whatever you are doing right now, smile and keep smiling for at least 15 minutes.
Practice using your SMILE everyday

Don’t judge yourself

So often the reason we are afraid to do something or try something new is that we are afraid of failure.

We judge ourselves very harshly when things do not quite work the way we think they should or want them to.
If we judge ourselves, we also expect others to judge us, because we are doing the same to ourselves.

Instead of judging yourself for not doing something as well as you wanted to, or would like to, celebrate yourself for simply doing it.

Release your guilt

If we allow ourselves to feel guilty about something we are lowering our confidence in ourselves and in our actions (or what we decide not to do).

I don’t believe that we should allow ourselves to feel guilty about anything in our lives.

If you don’t want to do something – learn to simply say “NO”.

If you know that if you do something you will feel guilty afterward – simply “don’t do it in the first place”.

Acknowledge and celebrate yourself

Start noticing every day what you have done throughout the day, no matter how small it is, remember all the things you do on auto-pilot too.

At the end of every day saying “well done” to yourself for everything you have done, during the day fills your head with positive thoughts and creates more confidence in you as you realize everything that you are achieving.

Create a positive image

Always do your hair, wear clothes that make you feel good and accessorize yourself well. Make sure your clothes and shoes are always clean and well presented. Looking good on the outside improves your feelings of feeling good on the
inside too.

Using Positive Affirmations

Affirmations work directly on your subconscious mind and help change old, negative beliefs. It is important to remember that a belief, is simply a thought you have repeated to yourself over and over again, throughout your life. Eventually, these “beliefs” becomes your inner “truths”.

Using positive affirmations every day will re-frame your inner thoughts and you will begin to remove all those old negative thought patterns you have built up over the years.

What is the worst-case scenario?

Often you lack the confidence to do something because you worry about the terrible consequences that may result, if it goes wrong, or doesn’t work, what it will feel like as you do it.

Most times, what we worry about before it happens, doesn’t actually become reality anyway.

Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen if I……..? If you can deal with that, then just do it and don’t worry about it beforehand.

If you can’t deal with it then simply don’t do whatever it is.

Is this really important

Whatever you are worried about what may happen if you do something, take time to imagine that it is 10 or 20 years ahead and you are looking back, My bet is you are laughing at all the fuss you made about doing something or that it really was no big deal at all in hindsight?

Change your questions

Often it is the questions you ask yourself that deplete your confidence in yourself. Do you focus on asking:

• what could go wrong
• what might happen

Change your questions and ask

• What could go well
• What benefits will there be if I do this
• How will this make me feel when I achieve it

Focus on asking yourself positive questions instead of negative questions.

Don’t let other peoples words in

How often do you allow other people’s words to make you feel down or lacking? remember that you invite other people to It’s not the words other people say to you, it’s the way you react to them and talk to yourself about them afterward that is the problem – change the way you think!

Use the STOP technique

Whenever you feel a negative thought coming on – say out loud to yourself STOP IT. and change your thoughts to something positive straight after, and learn to say NO.

Saying STOP IT breaks your pattern of thought and creates a void for you to fill with a positive thought.

Change your words

Take the time to listen to the words you use on a daily basis – do you use the words

• I can’t
• I don’t want
• It won’t work
• But

regularly? if so replace these with positive words like these instead.

• I can
• I would like
• It will work
• And

Visualize a great day ahead

In the morning as you are having your shower, close your eyes and visualize the day ahead and everything going perfectly, visualize all the people you will meet, and the things you will say.

Visualize everything being a great success and it will be.

Emotion in motion

It is well known that the more your body is in motion the higher your energy levels, the higher your energy the harder it is to feel bad. Walk more, dance to your favorite song on the radio, If you feel a little low during the day jump up and down a few times and you will soon feel much better.

The past is gone

Remember, no matter what happened yesterday, this morning, or even two minutes ago, it is gone and you can’t and won’t bring it back. If things didn’t go as well as you wanted them to, take a lesson from it and do things differently next time. If something happened that you wished hadn’t, it doesn’t matter anymore it is over and done with you can’t change the clock – forget it – worrying about what you did before this very moment is a waste of your energy – focus on the here and now and the great things that are yet to come.

It’s your life – live it… it………….enjoy it.

Next steps

You have now learned a host of new ways to create confidence and if you use these tools and techniques, you will see a difference in your outlook, and your confidence will grow.

If you are ready to take your confidence to the next level, learn more proven, effective, powerful confidence tools and techniques, and want to add to your toolbox of confidence solution tools you have gained in this guide.

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