3 Airfare Secrets You Should Know Before Your Next Flight

1- Fly On A Dime!

If a person is looking for a way to get to the destination of their choice, but they need to do it on a budget there are ways that they can do this. People don’t always have to pay the high-priced airfare that is out there, either through a travel agent or through a particular airline they choose to fly.

There are ways that they can find airfare made cheap no matter what their final destination happens to be.

There are some little things that a person can do to find airfare cheap when booking any flight. Be flexible when traveling. It is often cheaper to take a red-eye flight than a midday flight.  Also, be flexible on the day you plan to travel.

A person can often find deals through online agencies that offer cheaper flights when they choose to be flexible on their flight day and time. Try not to travel on busy holidays.

The day before a major holiday is a lot more expensive than traveling on the holiday itself or traveling 2 to 3 days prior. The same is true when departing.  Try to avoid Sundays after the holidays.  These tend to be more expensive and the Friday or Saturday flight will still give a person time to visit but will save them money.

Book in advance.  2 weeks is the minimum, but to save more you should try to book at least 3 weeks out. The more time a person has to book their flight, the more money they will most likely save. When looking for airfare made cheap, try to fly mid-week.  Most people fly on the weekends.

That is when prices will be more expensive because the airlines know that people will pay the money for it. When looking to book a flight it is important to research ways to find airfare made cheap. By doing this, a person can often find the flight they want at a fraction of the cost.  Following simple little tips can save a person oftentimes hundreds of dollars.

Don’t let the airlines take advantage by charging a high fee. Find airfare made cheap! Get to the destination you want and save money at the same time. You will not be sorry for looking for ways to find airfare made cheap. You will be happy with all the money that you will save.

2- Travel On A Plane in Comfort

When you think of traveling on a plane, you think of long uncomfortable flights in a seat with no leg room and one that does not recline very far. The days of flying like this are now over.  There are ways that a person can look into when trying to find out how to fly comfortably.

The best seats to get are either window or aisle seats. In either of these seats, you are not so compacted as if you were to take a middle of the row seat. Another row of seats that is comfortable is seats either in the front row of the economy section or get a seat in the exit rows. These seats often have more legroom so that you can stretch out and enjoy your flight a little bit more.

There are also some tips that you can follow that will guide you on how to fly comfortably: Join an airline frequent flier mile program–By doing this often times airlines give discounted seats in first class or even let you upgrade to first class for free, which will always have more comfortable seats. Look for airlines that offer seats with extra legroom–Certain airlines will give you a chance to buy a seat in an exit aisle, for only $10-$20 extra each way.

This will help you travel a little more comfortably. Another thing that you can do is select your seat when you fly–Some airlines allow you to pick what seat you want on the plane when you make your reservation.  If you are flying on one of these airlines, then book early and get a seat that will give you the most room possible.

When looking for ways to fly comfortably, having the correct seat is the best bet you can get.  If you are able to get an aisle or window seat or a seat at the front of the plane or in an exit row, you will enjoy your flight better than if you are stuck in a middle seat in a row at the back of the plane.

Airfare Secrets

3- Traveling The Right Way

Are you planning for your next trip on an airplane?  If so then the most important thing that you can do is make a travel checklist. By making this checklist you know that you will not forget anything when you are packing.

There are some things that you should put into your carry-on bag when you are preparing to travel.  However, there are certain items that you will not be allowed to bring on the plane with you. When you are making your travel checklist, make sure that the following are on the list: A clean change of clothing.

This is important if your luggage for some reason happens to get lost. Toiletries (face soap. shampoo, conditioner, contact solution, deodorant, a toothbrush, and toothpaste) in no more than 3 oz. containers put into a 1-quart size see-through bag.

By making sure this is one of your travel checklists, you will be able to refresh yourself when you get off the flight, whether it be on a layover or at your final destination. ID.

If you do not have any form of picture identification, with the name matching the ticket (this can be tricky if you have just gotten married and have not changed your license yet–in this case bring your marriage certificate also) you will not be able to get into the gates and you will not be able to catch your flight.

Money. You will need to take into account that since May 2009 (or on some airlines earlier) you will have to pay $15-$25 (each way) to check your luggage that you cannot bring on the plane. When budgeting for your trip make sure that this extra amount will be on your travel checklist. This way you will have all the money you need for the trip that you have planned.

When you are making your travel checklist make sure that when you are following it, you put any items that you will need immediately(prescription medicines, money, etc) into your carry-on luggage. This way you make sure that you are feeling safe and have the items that will keep you safe on the plane.

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