3 Bingo Ads That Went Viral

As online bingo booms across the world, companies are unleashing more ads than ever to keep the gravy train moving.

From huge household names to small upstarts, bingo ads are becoming extremely exciting. The dream for all bingo ads is to go viral, providing enormous publicity for the companies and widening the reach of online bingo games.

In this article, we will take a look at 3 bingo ads that went viral, from those that appear on our TV screens every day to those that are but a distant memory.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the first bingo ad on our list that went viral.

Gala Bingo Ad

Gala Bingo is one of the world’s biggest names in the industry. This site has everything that the best bingo sites should, with everything from huge jackpots to great design. Truly this site is one of the best and players can find out more about popular bingo sites at Bingosites.com.

The Gala Bingo viral ad in question is one of the best bingo commercials ever. In it, a weak, loser-like man is made to feel uncomfortable in his own home whilst his wife is enjoying bingo at her local Gala Bingo outlet. Whenever she is home, she just doesn’t care about her husband anymore! Bingo is her new love! We love how this viral bingo ad subverts gender roles and puts the woman in the driving seat!

Foxy Bingo Ad

Remember those amazing Foxy Bingo ads in which the Fabulous Foxy mascot donned his huge mask and headed to the shops to start a massive group dance session? They are some of the best-known bingo ads ever. Indeed, they were many peoples’ first contact with the game and they live long in the memory of players to this day. The amazing pubs used by Foxy himself (in a bizarre Northern accent) have their special place in cult bingo folklore!

Sun Bingo Ad

The most viral Sun Bingo ad asks the simple question: Are you Gonna Bingo? This is a real stroke of genius as it invites the viewer to start enjoying online bingo!

Including a lady in a garish leopard print jacket who asks the question over and over, these ads have gained something of a cult following among bingo lovers everywhere for their offbeat vibe and fun scripts.

Although not for everyone, it is perhaps this ‘love it or hate it’ type of vibe that has made this Sun Bingo ad go viral, with just as many people watching it because of the anger it stirs as those who watch is because they can’t get enough of the zany humor.

Overall, it can be said that these three bingo ads truly went viral. Whether right or not, these adverts have developed a cult following in recent years and viewers can’t get enough to this very day.

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