3 Different Types Of Telephone Systems For Canadian Businesses

There are many different aspects of how you can improve your company, and one of them is having a good and efficient telephone system. A telephone system is a must if you have a company that runs any type of business because this system allows you to have clear communication inside the company. This will enable you to communicate with your employees clearly and tell them the jobs that need to be done.

Not only that, but a telephone system can increase your company’s sales because it is in charge of any interaction or transaction between your company and your customers. If you want to learn more about these telephone systems, you can visit websites such as Coover. cloud and B1 Communications VoIP Vancouver, or you can continue reading for this will be the main topic for this article.

We will discuss the telephone system in this article, and if you happen to have a business in Canada, you might want to take some notes. Here are some examples of the different telephone systems for Canadian businesses. 

1. Traditional PBX

The first type of telephone system that could help Canadian businesses is the traditional private branch exchange or the PBX. Traditional PBX is the oldest telephone system that was created, and this system has been globally used in different companies from generation to generation.

A PBX is a small box that needs a hardware installation for it to work. The main concept of a PBX is that there are different wires connected to each telephone inside the company. These wires receive voice calls depending on the telephone lines that you have. The PBX is often placed in the CEO’s office, which is connected to all the telephone lines inside the company. The purpose of this is to allow the boss to communicate with their employees efficiently.


The second telephone system is called the voice over internet protocol private branch exchange or the VoIP PBX. This telephone system is more advanced than the system I mentioned above.

It has the same function as the traditional PBX, but the only difference is that the traditional PBX receives calls through an IDN or analog and digital lines. In contrast, the VoIP PBX uses your data and internet connection to make voice calls.

Since the VoIP PBX is an upgrade of the traditional PBX, it has more special features such as a higher quality of calls created and received, on-site free calls, and uses one system to control a variety of sites. 

3. VoIP Phone System

So far, this telephone system is the most advanced telephone system created, which has the most modern upgrades and a versatile type of telephone system.

This telephone system doesn’t have a tangible box, unlike the first two. What connects this telephone system to all office phones is a cloud telephone platform called the “eve.” This means that this VoIP phone system runs entirely on the Internet, making the telephone system more reliable, accessible, and efficient.

The telephone system could also adjust to your business requirements, which makes it a trusted and flexible system for your company.

These three types of telephone companies could help any Canadian business improve its productivity and sales no matter how small or big the industry is. These three are the most common telephone companies globally, but if you are still not satisfied, you can search for more online.

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