3 Elegant DIY Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

The wedding is one of the most memorable events in a woman’s life. It is the day when you want everything to be perfect – the decorations, the location, the dress, and of course – the hairstyle. The best way to make sure that your dream event becomes reality is to take on some of the responsibilities. It can be fun, trust us.

Choosing a DIY hairstyle on your wedding day will not only be time and cost-efficient, but it will also give you the satisfaction of having every strand of your hair where you always imagined it should be. Below, you will find 3 of the easiest and most elegant DIY hairstyle ideas, which you can try on your special day.

The Twisted Bun

Buns come in all shapes and sizes. The best part is that they are easy to make for everyone. They are a popular hairstyle for weddings all over the world. The twisted version of the traditional bun is one hairstyle specially created for memorable occasions like proms and weddings, and it is also a great choice for the warm weather.

To get this hairstyle done, you have to divide your hair into two or more sections and twist them into curls. Next, you have to secure each twisted strand with a strong hairband and twist them all into a bun. It is up to you if you want to do a low or high bun. For the last step, you should hide your ends inside the bun using bobby pins.

To get a more complex look, use some bridal accessories like pearls, flowers, or hair combs. However, if you choose a stunning veil and tiara, there will be no need for extra accessories.

French Braids

If you are looking for some easy updos for medium hair, French braids are simple to achieve by yourself and do not require extra-long hair to get a bridal look. For a big event like this, we recommend a Half-up half-down French Braid or a French Braided Tail.

You will first have to separate a section of hair from the top of your head, divide it into three even sections, and crisscross each of these over the center. Once you have the first part of the braid, grab sections from the sides and add them to the center as well.

Next, depending on the hairstyle you have chosen to do, there are many ways to finish your look. Either you stop at the crown of your head for a half-up half-down hairstyle, from where you can continue with loose curls or other different braids, or you could stop at the nape area and continue with a regular three-strand braid to get a French Braided Tail.

Optional, you could use some beaded hair accessories or flowers similar to the bridal bouquet. Remember that no matter what hairstyle and accessories you choose, you should loosen your braids to get an elegant and sophisticated final look.

Crown Dutch Braid

Here comes the spectacular reverse of French Braids! With Dutch Braids, you can do as many things as in the previous case, only the styling technique will be different. Also called inside-out braids, these are made by bringing new sections of hair under the center, not over it like in the French technique. However, these braids are perfect to create a stunning crown hairstyle.

To achieve such a look, start by parting your hair on whichever side you prefer, pick up a small section from there, and divide it in three. Cross the right and left strands under the middle one by one and bring new sections of hair for each part.

Depending on how you want your crown to look, you could continue towards the ear on the side you picked and repeat all steps for the other side, or you could simply do a full head braid. To emphasize the crown aspect of your hairstyle, choose to wear the veil under the braid and pick a subtle tiara.

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

By doing your hair on your wedding day, you will ensure that it will look exactly as you always wanted. Follow one of our three proposals and use your imagination to take them in any direction you want! Whether you choose a bun, a tail with wonderful braids, or an updo full of beautifully shaped strands, your hairstyle will look so great that no one will believe you did it on your own.

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