3 Good Adjustable Beds for Helping the Patients with Back Pain

It is really difficult for any of us to see our partners suffering problems like back pain and if there is anything that can be done, we will certainly do it for them. Adjustable beds are a revolutionary Invention for people who are having a really hard time.

The basic functions of adjustable beds are nothing much except for some electronic controls that can be either wired or remote. The basic idea is to give people control over their bed for the ideal position of comfort. But adjustable beds come with more than that. Some even help with controlling the snoring as well.

How Adjustable Beds can help with your Back Pain?

Usually, back pain is caused by stress or pressure in the muscles or in a nerve. An adjustable bed for back pain offers some really effective solutions as it enables the patients to alter the position of their body to lessen the pressure on their muscles and nerves.

When appropriately balanced, an adjustable bed can evenly distribute the body weight all over the body. This helps to decompress the spine and also calm down the pain. What’s more, raising the legs and the abdominal area also effectively helps different medical conditions, for example, degenerative spondylolisthesis, osteoarthritis, and spinal stenosis.

Couples can sleep better together and they can also use this for different purposes as well as resting and watching the TV without the requirement for extra props they can try the Navien Mate nonelectric bed warmer.

1- Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame includes a built-in back massaging capability that offers vibrations targeting various areas of the body and bringing down pain and also helps people who suffer from an overweight problem.

Each back massage session will last up to 15 minutes and it really helps. You can also control bed settings using a remote. It additionally comes equipped with USB ports on the two sides for charging different gadgets like mobile or iPod.


It is suitable for each sort of sleeper be it the side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper

It’s helpful for sleepers in all weight categories from light to normal or overweight

It is very useful for people who suffer from back and neck pain

2- Saatva Lineal

The Lineal by Saatva – is a really useful adjustable bed for especially those who are struggling with reoccurring pain in the back, and other sensitive areas. The bed has a back massaging option that incorporates full-wave, head, and leg massage as well as three different intensity levels.

The back massage naturally gets shut off after 15 minutes so if you do fall asleep during it, you don’t need to worry about shutting it off. The bed can lift the head and legs positions with an auto-reset setting that has the two different position


Good for side and stomach sleepers

Helpful for people with moderate weight to even obese

Good for people who move too much during their sleep

Useful for People with poor spine alignment

3- Yaasa Adjustable Bed

Last but not least, the most Innovative pick here is the Yaasa Adjustable Bed a smooth bed for back pain stacked with cutting edge technologies and capabilities. You can choose from a wide scope of positions for sleeping comfortably including zero-gravity or leaning back positions for sitting in bed.

The head additionally offers an anti-snoring position for people who snore during sleep. You can also change the setting using the remote.


Useful for people with back or shoulder pain

It helps the people who snore

There are different positions for comfort and you can also read a book or watch TV in your bed.


On this page we have featured the best 3 adjustable beds for people with back pain, nonetheless, it’s important to remember that what works for other people may not really work for you.  So it’s necessary to find a sleeping position that offers you the most comfort and minimal measure of pain.

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