3 Reasons That Will Make You Spend A Bachelor Party In Eastern Europe

Every year the old continent receives millions of tourists with whom it manages to concentrate half of the world’s tourist traffic. It’s Eastern part generates fewer visitors, yet it creates the party possibilities at a level unusual (to say at least) in the rest of the world with a much lower cost.

To travel through Eastern Europe is to travel through unbelievable historical places, generous folks that could tell you everything about their history for days, and the most unique beauty of women that you won’t find elsewhere.

With so much charm at every level of culture, gastronomy, a variety of landscapes, and a vibrant nightlife we will point out the 3 reasons why you should book your bachelor party in Eastern Europe, and have the fun of your life!

1. Less Spending – More Fun

That must be the primary reason why thousands of foreign visitors flock to Romania for Bucharest stag do. Well that, and the cities party hub just can’t stop growing. The same goes for Prague but also Budapest, Belgrade, Krakow and nearly any other capital city of Eastern Europe.

These nations are experiencing an unprecedented growth of visitors from foreign tourists who demand a week-long fun with top-notch service and twice the lower check at the end than what they would spend somewhere west.

Everything from the cost of accommodation, transport, prices of food and drinks to all kinds of services is more affordable in the eastern part. In fact, according to the EU administration, the Eastern Part of Europe has on average 30% lower prices on virtually anything you can set your eyes upon.

That information will surely come in handy when you start calling for the fifth round at a bar…

2. Great Cultural Experience

It’s easy to assume that Europe has more history than it can stomach. Anyone who had that opportunity to travel across the old continent witnessed those differences that pop up around every corner. We don’t call this continent “The old world” for no reason.

Nations here are extremely proud of their long heritage and experiencing what they built as their historical treasure will needless to say be a major cultural shock. These facts will come as a great addition to your bachelor experience once you and your buddies take a sobering walk through glorious boulevards the day after the party. Colorful museums and rich cultural centers will follow you wherever you go and it’s impossible not to find something that will be of great interest to you.

But, if you are a cultural freak then it’s highly advisable that you spend at least one day specially devoted to visiting such places since there will be too many and so little time to witness everything.

3. Arguably, The Most Beautiful Women

What kind of bachelor night that is if it is not accompanied by the presence of beautiful ladies. Many non-European men know the feeling of stumbling on Eastern European streets and getting stunned by the beauty of women.

Tales of their charm and witty nature have reached far and wide. So much so that most of the bachelors swear that they were the “best part” of their bachelor experience in this part of Europe.

A night spent at the nightclubs of every major Eastern European city will be a life-changing experience for you. Something that will add a perfect dosage of sensuality before the big wedding day. Keep in mind that many of these girls show special interest in guys coming from the distant cultures to their own and when you add their easy-going nature on top of that you will surely find just the thing every bachelor is looking for.

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