3 Steps to a Successful Move

Moving to a new home is definitely a stressful time. Besides being busy with planning and preparing, you can’t get rid of thoughts like should you tip movers (only if you wish to) or where to leave the unnecessary food (check a non-profit Move for Hunger). All this may feel overwhelming, so better give yourself time to organize your thoughts and feelings. And we will help you feel more confident and prepared.

In the list, Safe Relocation highlights little things that might have skipped your mind and will surely ease the moving process. There are several steps before and during the move, which are essential for a successful relocation.


Start with the thinking process

Start Home Moving with the thinking process

The organization is vital, and the abrupt actions may only harm the cause. Before deciding to do something:

  1. Sit in a quiet place and concentrate on thinking over all the stages of the move.
  2. Imagine how it will go, what you will require during it, and what is crucial to prepare beforehand.
  3. Write your thoughts down, and then start to write a plan of tasks.

Here are some things to help you in the process.


● Create a folder for all the documents

Actually, you will need two — a physical one, where you will keep all contracts, receipts, etc., and one on your computer with Excel tables and cloud documents. It may seem like a tedious job, but remember — it’s all about your safety. For example, without personal documents in one place, you risk forgetting one of them or being unable to resolve a problem that may occur during the move quickly. Also, remember about financial documents, like a lease or loan agreement for your new home.


● Choose your moving company

Better safe than sorry. Please spend some time reading reviews on different websites, get in touch with several companies you like, and try to know them better. It sounds like looking for a date, but it is not less important — the moving company is the core of your relocation, and you need to be sure of them. Also, compare estimates and do not rush for the lowest price. Better look for the best reviews.


● Group your belongings

First, think of all the stuff you want to move and divide it into categories, depending on size and special requirements (for ex. a vase needs superior protection, while books you may pack together in a box). Second, make an inventory of what you have by listing all items in groups. Third, make labels for boxes to identify what is inside and how they should be carried. And remember, all personal documents should be with you and in one of the boxes.


Now you are ready to act

ready to move home

After organizing your thoughts, you can make the next step — actually, collect and pack your belongings. It’s not an easy task, so try to find some friends to help you on the way. Also, remember to eat properly during the packing day so as not to exhaust your body and mind. Some things to remember:

  • Choose the right packing material depending on the items you have. If not sure, consult the moving company or even consider hiring them to pack your belongings.
  • Pack in the right order. Be sure to have a box of essentials, which you will open first as you arrive.
  • Label all the boxes so that they won’t get lost during the move and all the items will be carried in the right way.
  • Check if there is a place for the moving truck. The loading may take some time, so you wouldn’t want to get a fine for illegal parking.
  • Before leaving your old home, go through the rooms and check if you haven’t missed anything. Also, remember to close the windows and the door before departing.


The old home — a new home. Some core details for a happy end

Alas, or for the best, you can’t carry everything with you. Namely, your old home and everything connected to it will remain in the past, so it’s essential to finish all affairs and prepare a new home for moving in. We recommend getting to know the area you will live in, like finding the nearest grocery store and pharmacy. The more you know, the more confident you will feel, so don’t miss this step. And here are the last tips to get you through the move successfully.


● Change to the new address in all documents and mail

We are used to the thought that everything nowadays is online, and all we need to worry about is not to forget numerous passwords. However, we still live in the physical world. You do not want the crucial letter to be stuck in the middle of nowhere because you’ve forgotten to change your mailing address. Better do it now while you still have time and resources.


● Say goodbye to your neighbors

You’ve lived near them for quite a while, so do not break the connection harshly. If you were close, think about gathering for tea or making a party to celebrate the move. It will help you rest before the big moving day, and conversations may bring some useful thought for the relocation.


● Get your new home ready for moving in

If you are not going to use storage, you will need to prepare your new home before unloading everything you are moving. It means that garbage or old and unnecessary furniture shouldn’t be in the way of movers. Moreover, it would be much harder to clean the space with all the boxes around. So, think about the way to organize your new apartment.


● Buy essentials for the first week

Well, you moved successfully, and now your new life begins. Do you have soap to wash your hands after opening all the boxes? Or have you brought any cookware to prepare your first meal in a new place? If you haven’t thought about that, better imagine the first week of living and buy all the necessary things to help you manage through this time.


Instead of closing remarks

We wish you good luck! Remember to keep all documents at hand, check the moving company and prepare your new home for living. The planning is much scarier than the process itself, so rest enough and don’t worry. Your new life is soon to begin, so be sure to enjoy every moment of it!


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