3 Steps to Becoming a Better Partner

Living with your romantic partner is a dynamic relationship. It’s a relationship that changes every day, it grows with you, has its shares of ups and downs, and affects both you and your partner. Time has a way of testing relationships: some go for the better, while some for the worse. A healthy relationship comes from a positive involvement between partners. It takes a mutual and cooperative effort between partners to keep their relationship on the right track. At times when your romantic relationship becomes stuck in a rut, one of you has to step up to give yourselves a much-needed push to get the relationship going.

Read further as we share three steps to become a better partner.


Be Proactive

While it’s true that we have to promote individuality and respect each other’s privacy in a relationship, we should also take the initiative to reach out to our partners when needed. This is true in all aspects of the relationship, including intimacy and sex. It’s not enough that we satisfy our desires and not think about how our partners are doing. Sex should be enjoyed mutually and should satisfy both partners. Improving your lovemaking techniques or using penis pumps or other sexual enhancers or sex toys are some of the proactive ways you can do as a partner. This applies both ways – the male partner taking the initiative or the female partner taking action on her partner’s behalf.

Sex can be more satisfying if the needs of both partners are fulfilled. 

In the same way, being proactive makes you more involved in all aspects of the relationship. You expand your understanding and openness to your partner, and you develop that same proactiveness in them. You share tasks, and you are more open to compromises and exchanges if needed.


Focus on Spending Quality Time Together

Time indeed is one of the most precious gifts you can give to the person you love. However, as we mentioned earlier, time can either be a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to relationships. While it is nice to be with your partner for most of the day, it doesn’t always mean that our relationships will turn for the better. Familiarity breeds contempt, and might we add that complacency also breeds indifference if partners don’t get to work on making the best out of the time they spend together.

It can be easy to take each other’s significance for granted if we regularly see or meet our partners. It doesn’t also mean that we have to separate ourselves from them to feel the need for more time with each other. Rather, this means that we should pay more attention to the quality of time we spend together with our partner, and not just on quantity.


Start with Loving Yourself More

This shouldn’t be confused with being selfish or self-centered. Loving oneself here means appreciating who you are and being kind to yourself. Practice self-compassion and not beat yourself up over failures, imperfections, and inadequacies. How you love yourself radiates outwards onto the people close to you, especially your partner. Much of the way you handle your relationship with your partner and with other people can be traced back to how well you have come to know, accept, and love yourself. 

Nurture your positivity more and learn to be open to new insights, ideas, and even criticisms. Contemplate how you see yourself and don’t be afraid to ask your partner about what they think of you. Sometimes, it takes another person to clearly describe who you are, and that can help you understand yourself better. Loving yourself more translates into a healthy relationship anchored on care and concern for one another.

Start with Loving Yourself More

Being a better partner doesn’t have to be difficult. It only takes a strong will to check on yourself, your partner, and your relationship to know how things are going and take action to make necessary changes. Relationships are a harmonious blend of individuality, independence, mutual dependence, cooperation, and unity. When you realize the beauty of a relationship and that there is much to explore and change about it, you can take more than these three steps to becoming a better partner for life.

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