3 Things Millenials Are Looking To Have In A New Home

Millennials are the group of individuals born between 1981 and 1996. As nearly-30 to just-40 year-olds, many millennials are tired of renting and looking for homes these days.

Before we get into the three features that many millennials want in a new home, we’ll mention that if you’re in this age group and want to be taken seriously as a potential homebuyer, you should be in the proper monetary situation.

If you have significant debt, you’ll want to address that before you start house hunting. You might use a tool like a consolidation loan calculator to get your finances in order before taking this next major step in your life. When you’ve reduced or eliminated debt and have the money for a significant down payment, that’s when house hunting becomes appropriate.

Once you’re on the house hunt, you might find yourself looking for the following particular features.

1. Home Office

When looking at houses, you might want to find one that has a home office. Failing that, you’ll probably want to locate a residence with a room you can convert for this purpose.

Many millennials work from home these days. If you’re one of them, you’ll want a dedicated room where you can work without distractions. You can use the space to take calls or Zoom meetings as well.

You can also shut the door to show any other household members that you’re working when you’re inside. You can leave that room and close the door again when you’re done working for the day, and you’re ready to socialize with your family, thus keeping your work and living spaces separate.

2. Location

A home’s location always matters, but a millennial might look for particular neighborhood features if they’re going to commit to a mortgage. A millennial, especially one with children, will probably want a spacious home in an area that’s not too noisy.

You might want a home that’s adjacent to public transportation, but you’re also likely looking for things that your family will enjoy. That includes nearby parks for your kids and pets, a library that’s not too far away, and possibly jogging or bike trails as well.

You might want access to well-regarded public schools as well. If a possible home’s location doesn’t check off many of these boxes, you may decide to look elsewhere.

3. Laundry Room

One of the nicest things about going from an apartment you rent to a home you own is having access to your own laundry room instead of sharing one with other families. Most apartments have a shared laundry room, while others don’t have onsite laundry. In those instances, you need to take your clothes to a laundromat.

The average millennial wants their own dedicated laundry room as part of their home. If you’re looking at a house and don’t see that, that could be enough for you to move on to other options.

Look For These Features

If you’re a millennial who has your finances in order and is ready to start house hunting, you’ll likely look at the location first. You’ll probably want a home that’s adjacent to public transportation, but you may also look for excellent public schools, parks, libraries, and perhaps jogging or bike trails as well.

You’ll probably want a house that has its own dedicated laundry room. Looking for a residence with a space you can convert to your home office might be at the top of your wish list too.

If you can find a house that has all of these features going for it, and it’s in your price range, you may be willing to make a serious offer on it.

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