3 Tips for Advertising on YouTube You Won’t Want to Miss

There are lots of platforms you can market with, but YouTube is unique. Click here for some of the best tips for advertising on YouTube that you need to know.

There are lots of platforms you can market with, but YouTube is unique. Click here for some of the best tips for advertising on YouTube that you need to know.

Ranked as the second most visited site across the world, Youtube is a perfect place to ads, build SEO, and offer new ways to market yourself. Advertising on Youtube is constantly changing and has dramatically developed over the last couple of years. So where do you even begin?

Youtube advertising is more unique than other social media platforms, so you want to make sure you are marketing effectively. Let’s take a look at 3 tips for advertising on Youtube that are crucial for a successful campaign.


  1. Target Audience

When it comes to marketing on Youtube, the platform offers a ton of flexibility and customizations. One of which you must use to be able to create an effective marketing campaign.

Youtube allows you to choose a specific demographic targeting audience. This will allow you to choose who specifically will see your ads on the platform. This is a great way to make sure your ads are being seen by an audience that is will most appeal too.


  1. Interactive Elements

As you create your ad videos, Youtube will allow you to add interactive elements into the videos. By doing this you can have a CTA (Call-to-action) for your views to purchase something or visit a site.

This offers a great opportunity to sell products as a B2B company or create more traffic to your website. Having a simple CTA in your ads on Youtube are crucial to a successful marketing campaign.


  1. Valuable Content

One of the most important, if not these most important, aspects of marketing and advertising is valuable content. Having content that is engaging and valuable to viewers should be your number one priority.


Because even if you can get traffic and views to your ads or site if the content they are seeing doesn’t benefit them in some way then they will quickly bounce and most likely never return.

Conversion and bounce rates for websites are directly related to how valuable your content is for viewers. By providing them with the quality information they are looking for, you can increase your engagement and bring down your website’s bounce rate.


Here are a few things to consider when creating valuable content

  • Use images and videos – people enjoy visuals
  • Don’t give them fluff, create content that has information and stats to back that information up.
  • Use banner advertisement, according to Neil Patel (A top influencer on the web and in SEO) says that using banner ads can create lasting relationships with your viewers.┬áCheck out YouTube banner design inspirations to use!
  • Answer viewers questions or provide a solution

Once you have value in your content, the viewers will start to engage more and your conversion rates will go up!


Advertising On Youtube

The top 10 Youtube stars in 2017 earned a total of $127 million. There is a ton of money to be made through Youtube. You just need to utilize the right tools –

  • Find your target audience
  • Use interaction with your viewers, add elements and a CTA
  • Create valuable content that helps your viewers out

This is what takes to successfully be advertising on Youtube.

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