3 Tips for Keeping Your Mind Sharp As a Tack

Your brain’s health is extremely important. It’s the core system in the body that tells everything that to do. Since your brain is the control center of the body, keeping it healthy and sharp is extremely important.

Luckily, there are a few ways to keep your mind in tip-top shape, and most of these methods are really easy to achieve through simple life changes. Let’s take a look at 3 ways you can keep your mind sharp and healthy. Let’s take a look:

1 – Get Better Sleep

I’m sure someone has told you to sleep in a difficult situation before, and believe it or not, they are right. Getting healthy amounts of sleep can help our brain function properly, and recover for the stress of the day.

Get Better Sleep

It’s been long accepted that our dreams tend to have specific importance to the events of life. Many dreams, in one way or another, are a form of the mind continuing to sort out events. Since we have a lot going on, we might not be able to fully process events as they happen. These dreams help you work through those situations and ultimately recover.

So how do you get to dreaming? You have to sleep. Adults generally need anywhere from 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. This will help them complete 4 or 5 REM cycles and top the brain off for the day. A REM (rapid eye movement) cycle is a level of sleep that helps the brain rejuvenate through sleep. It takes about 30 minutes of sleep to get to REM, and the REM cycle itself takes about 90 minutes.

2 – Play Memory Games

Playing games can actually help your mind improve its functionality as well. Now, this doesn’t mean that playing all games endlessly will give you a super healthy brain, so don’t think that it does. The games that help the most when it comes to keeping your brain sharp are memory and strategy-based games. These types of games take intensive thought and memorization, so your brain is constantly working while you are playing. Since it’s a game, you can trick your mind into believing you are only having fun, but really, you’re keeping your brain nice and healthy.

There are also brain-specific games on the market, and they are accessible from your phone. That’s right, there are specific brain training apps for both Android and iPhone, so you can continue to play games that sharpen your brain on the go. If you have long commutes to work that you don’t have to drive, this could be the perfect time to play these brain games, and jumpstart your brain while you travel. Check out apps like Lumosity, Brain Fitness Pro, and Happify if you are wondering where to start.

Play Memory Games

Beyond the basics of a simple phone app, there are even brain training experts that can help you boost your brain function. Companies like NeuroGrow will work with you and create customized brain training programs to help boost your brain’s functionality.

3 – Eat Healthy

Having a well-rounded diet and sticking to it can help your brain stay sharp as well. By supplying your body and brain with the proper nutrition will make your brain stay at peak function potential. Giving your brain leafy greens like broccoli and spinach will help your mind stay healthy. The Omega-3s in fish oil are also extremely good for you, and they help boost your memory. Green tea is another great item to add to your diet for boosting your memory. You should also look to add more amino acids to your diet by adding proteins like meats, eggs, and beans to boost your mental awareness.

This is also very important for expecting mothers. If you are expecting a child, you should really focus on your diet, both for you and your baby. By eating a well-rounded diet with a lot of amino acids and omega-3s, your child can gain a few bonus IQ points, and those last a lifetime. Your diet is especially important during the third trimester.

Your Brain Health Makes a Difference

Maintaining your brain’s health can be difficult, but it’s extremely important. Without your brain, your body is more or less lost. Your brain is the powerhouse of your body. It tells everything what to do and when to do it. Keeping your brain sharp is extremely important throughout your life, and taking steps to ensure its health now can help you later on down the road.

From proper sleep to taking a healthy approach to your diet, there is so much you can do to keep your brain happy and healthy. You can start your journey to maintaining a healthy brain with these three simple tips, but keep in mind there is so much more that can be done to keep the brain alert and healthy.

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