3 Tips for Managing Acne Flare-ups During Life’s Different Phases

Throughout your life, you’re going to experience different stages. You’ll be that awkward teenager who’s trying to find their place in the world. Then, you’ll be the 20-something attempting to navigate building a career and growing relationships. Eventually, you’ll be a full-fledged adult with more responsibilities than you can count.

And with each life phase comes new sources of excitement and new challenges. One of life’s consistent concerns will be your skin. With time comes wrinkles. And as much as everyone wishes to leave their acne-prone days behind them, breakouts can happen at any age.

Learning how to adjust your routine to prevent pesky blemishes and have your best skin takes work. Here are a few ways to do that regardless of the life stage you’re in.

1. Create an Acne Prevention Routine

Whether you’re a busy teenager running around school or a working parent, every stage of life can be hectic. Throw breakouts into the mix, and you’re destined for frustration. However, establishing a routine of acne prevention staples can help fend off blemishes and take one thing off of your plate.

First, look at your acne to understand its type and severity. You may be dealing with hormonal acne on your cheeks and chin that coincides with certain times of the month. Or maybe you’re dealing with blemishes on your forehead from using hair products or wearing hats. Regardless, knowing the potential causes of your acne can be instrumental in finding the right routine.

From there, you’ll want to use products that are effective acne fighters. Salicylic acid is great to help control oil and minimize active breakouts. Pick up a spot treatment like benzoyl peroxide for pesky zits, too. Then, finish out your routine with hydrocolloid patches to cover active breakouts and prevent new bacteria from entering your pores.

Want to target your acne from the inside out? Look no further than acne medication. Once you find one you like, it can help stop acne in its tracks so your skin is more consistently clear. Talk with a medical provider, if you need recommendations for prescription-strength treatment. With this routine, you’ll be able to prevent blemishes and effectively treat active breakouts.

2. Adjust Your Routine for New Skin Priorities

As a teenager, you’re likely concerned about having clear skin. It’s your top skin-related priority because it can understandably be a source of insecurity. But as you age, your priorities for your skin will naturally change. While you don’t welcome breakouts, you’re likely more concerned about sun protection and anti-aging efforts in your 20s and beyond. So, adapting your routine to align with your main focus is the best way to go.

And what that focus is will vary from person to person. For those who are concerned about sun damage, SPF should be a priority. That may mean using sunscreen that’s oil-free and noncomedogenic to reduce extra sebum production that can cause breakouts.

If anti-aging is top of mind, incorporating products that can smooth skin and prevent wrinkles will be important. Incorporating retinol or prescription-strength tretinoin to fight wrinkles and reduce acne can simplify your routine.

These products have the main purpose of protecting the skin and being effective anti-aging methods, respectively. However, they also can benefit those who have concerns about acne, too. As your routine incorporates new products, take time to guarantee they work well together.

For example, combining sunscreen and heavy oil-based moisturizers may not be ideal, as the moisturizer could potentially dilute the sunscreen’s effectiveness.

Your life will be full of changes — personally, professionally, and physically. Remember that as you incorporate new products into your routine. It’s essential to consider the compatibility of products to ensure you’re getting the most out of your skincare routine while addressing your specific skincare goals. Soon enough, you’ll have a product lineup that covers every concern that matters most to you.

3. Maximize Your Skin Care Time

One constant throughout all of life’s stages is that you’re working with a finite amount of time. In high school, the mornings are early and homework keeps you up late. College sees even later nights and more social obligations. Adulthood means work, household chores, and often the schedules of kids or romantic relationships. Naturally, at the end of the day, you want to be efficient with your routine.

So, set out to combine steps of your routine when you can. Two-in-one products like a tinted moisturizer with SPF can replace your foundation. At night, an eye cream that has retinol can fight wrinkles and moisturize your under eyes simultaneously. These combination products allow you to spend more time and money elsewhere without giving up results.

Your acne routine is no different. A lot of makeup features active ingredients like niacinamide, which can help control oil and even skin tone. Try out face masks that feature salicylic acid and other gentle, but effective, acne-fighting ingredients.

These can easily be used while watching TV at home in the evenings or relaxing before bed. Even embracing good skin days and wearing only sunscreen can give your skin some reprieve from any product overload.

Of course, you can invest more in your skin care when you have the time. Do the 12-step routine when you can. But for stages in life when self care falls to the wayside, it’s nice to know your routine can be adapted.

No Matter What, Love Your Skin

It’s natural to not love your skin when it’s breaking out, no matter your age. But feeling down because you’re dealing with acne isn’t going to make it heal any faster. Instead, try focusing on what you can control and take the steps you know can improve the state of your skin. That way, you can get back to living your life and enjoying every stage of it.

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