3 Unusual Date Ideas in Los Angeles

Everybody wants to fill the time with a beloved person with vivid impressions and pleasant moments. So, how do you organize a perfect date? Where should you go together and what should you do to spend a romantic evening and please your love?

Now you and your soulmate are in Los Angeles – the “city of dreams” and dazzlingly vibrant life. Head to a cool club or dine on Rodeo Drive at one of the city’s best steakhouses. Cool, expensive, and too hackneyed. Have a look at this city from a different angle and discover your own Los Angeles: romantic, gentle, energetic, and swift, like a sapphire ocean.

We have collected just 3 bright ideas for romantic dates of how to arrange a romantic date for two in Los Angeles. The choice is yours. Improvise, and bring vivid emotions and impressions into your life.

  • If you are an outdoor lover, choose the Ice Cream Ocean option.
  • Prefer an active hobby? Make a choice in favor of the Conquerors of the waves.
  • Looking for a perfect mini-vacation? At the height of happiness, you have all in one.

Ice Cream Ocean

For lovers who like a relaxing holiday, dating in Los Angeles offers a walk along the Abbot Kinney. This is a picturesque street that leads you to the ocean, framed by slender rows of bright green palm trees with very cool and quirky shops that look more like art galleries.

In the same area, there is a very special cafe with the most delicious and amazing ice cream in Los Angeles. Just be careful: once you try it, you will want to come back there again and again.

The café is called Salt & Straw and is famous for its unusual names and a mixture of flavors, for example, 24 Blackbirds with lavender and truffle or Los Angeles Classic with coffee and bourbon. Just take into account the fact that the cafe is incredibly popular among both locals and tourists, so you have to stand in line. Do not worry, during this time you will just have time to study the menu and make a choice. Los Angeles women seeking men can meet here an interesting guy too, why not.

Then head straight for Venice Beach. Enjoy delicious wine in a cozy oceanfront tavern while watching the magnificent peach sunset. And only then, to prolong the charm, you can warm up a little and continue admiring the beauty of this area. Take a bike and ride along the beach.

Conquerors of the waves

If you are in love with the ocean and cannot imagine your life without a dose of adrenaline, you both urgently need to go on a date at Santa Monica Pier. It is the end of Route 66, the “mother of all roads”, which runs from the east coast to the west. And most importantly, there are cool attractions right on the pier itself.

Then, after yelling enough, go down the pier and you will see many small houses with signs like “Time for surfing.” Dating in Los Angeles is nothing without surfing. Of course, at first, you will have a hard time, you will fall, slide, and get angry, but at the end of the lesson, you will definitely ride a couple of small waves. In any case, you will be satisfied, and happy and become even closer to each other.

After that, feeling like real conquerors of the sea, go to the Bungalow Bar. There are great open-air parties, energetic music sounds, and torches burning everywhere. That’s exactly what Los Angeles women seeking men and vice versa love.

At the height of happiness

If you love sports, you can go hiking on the Paseo Miramar Hiking Trail right in the morning or, on the contrary, in the late afternoon. When you reach the place, climb the picturesque hills to the very top. Most likely, you will stop every now and then, however, not from the fatigue, but breathtaking beauty. At the top, you will have a divine view of Los Angeles and the ocean. Emotions are just going through the roof. For those planning to make an offer, the place is just perfect.

After a productive hike, it is worth driving to Malibu and be sure to stop by the Moonshadows cafe. This place is famous for its cuisine: it has delicious seafood. But the “highlight” is the veranda, which is located right on the sheer cliff, and, sitting at the table, you look at the ocean and see only it – it is endless, exciting, and hypnotic.

Unusual dates filled with vivid impressions remain in the memory forever. You have a lot to puzzle over how to arrange a date and how to make your Mr. or Mrs. Right enjoy. It is difficult to express your individuality with traditional cinema and cafe visits.

But Los Angeles is an amazing city that provides tremendous opportunities for organizing the most extraordinary romantic dates for couples. Choose the option that you like the most and go ahead!

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