3 Ways Entrepreneurs are Using Cloud for Business Growth

A recent McAfee survey revealed that 87% of companies using cloud services experience business acceleration, according to Business Wire. Cloud computing has gained popularity in the world of business, and it is easy to understand why.

Besides saving time and money, it reduces the stress associated with IT and technical maintenance. And the good news is that cloud server hosting can help entrepreneurs expand their venture, even if it is a small-scale business.

Finance Management

Today’s businesses are facing many challenges when it comes to running administrative tasks. They must run tons of data and communicate effectively with an ever-growing network of suppliers, business partners, and customers. These tasks are time-consuming and too expensive for small-scale businesses.

For these reasons, small businesses are adopting the use of cloud financial management software. As a result, entrepreneurs enjoy greater access to financial information, reduced costs on accounting services, security, and scalability.

Free In-House IT Services

Entrepreneurs invest a lot in the IT department because it is responsible for the execution of various strategies and initiatives a company depends on for growth. However, as your venture expands, so does the demand for software and hardware increase, placing a burden on IT resources.

According to, outsourcing cloud hosting services is the most effective way to free your staff from the challenging tasks involved in technical maintenance.

Apart from providing maintenance services, cloud-managed service providers offer many benefits such as unlimited data backup, reliable infrastructure, and customized, and integrated cloud services.

Enhance Communication

Cloud communication technology creates room for increased work efficiency, reduced operational costs, and decreased human error, thanks to automation. Incorporating cloud communication in business improves information sharing.

For example, teams can collaborate efficiently with the use of voice communication and real-time chat features. Also, employees can work remotely but maintain effective communication with in-house staff, hence improving productivity.

With advanced connectivity like 4G and LTE, workers can work on different mobile devices to perform business processes regardless of their geographical location as long as they are connected to the internet.

Competing with large companies to stay on top of the competition can be challenging for any small business. Fortunately, with cloud computing, you can scale up your business without investing huge sums of money in every department because it is cost-effective and flexible.

You only need to start small with the cloud and add new cloud apps as your business grows.

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