3 Ways to Deal With Lower Back Pain

The lower back is mainly responsible for supporting upper body weight, and therefore it is prone to strain and stress because of everyday movements. It is a common condition among adults and one of the top reasons for missed activities and schedules. Lower back pain commonly results from physical activities, sudden injury, and spine arthritis and disc problems. Low back pain ranges from mild discomfort to severe pain but usually lasts from several days to a few weeks. You can deal with mild cases of lower back pain at home; however, for chronic conditions, it is always recommended to seek medical attention.

Lower Back Pain


Let us dive together in learning more about strategic ways of relieving lower back pain.

Maintaining the right posture.

Lower back pain majorly results from a strain of the back muscles, and with that in mind, caution while undertaking various activities can help reduce the pain. To protect your lower back during day-to-day activities,  maintain the right posture, especially when your activities involve repetitive motions. Always aim to keep your spine erect, minimize slouching, and move your hips from side to side when twisting. Besides, you should visit ErgoEdge.co where you can get sitting solutions that empower your back posture.

At the workplace, your sitting posture is vital. To safeguard your lower back; use a chair with lower back support. While using a computer, hunching forward to view the computer screen is a common habit that causes strain on the lower back, so be sure to avoid it. While sitting, ensure your feet are planted on the floor, keep your mouse and keyboard close to minimize a lot of strain. Make sure to monitor your posture frequently and adjust your back, neck, and shoulder to avoid stresses on the spinal cord. Make workstation changes to lower fatigue of joints and muscles; this can be through proper ergonomics.



Are you having trouble managing dull back pain? Sometimes, all you require is simple exercises, and your problems are solved. Exercise is an effective way to stretch your muscles and joints and enhance the distribution of healing nutrients through blood circulation. Stretching your muscles increases the flexibility of the spine and relieves chronic back pain lowering future lower back injuries. The ideal time for exercise is morning hours to reduce backaches quickly. For beginners, make sure to perform smooth and slow stretches to prevent further injuries and advance gradually as the body gets used to the exercises.

Keep off activities that cause strain and avoid activities, which makes the back to bend for long like gardening. Lower back muscles extend in different directions, and therefore it is advisable to try various stretches. Walking can help eliminate lower back injuries since it puts the body in an upright neutral posture. Basic back stretches like lying flat on your back while outstretching your arms help in loosening the spine. Gym massage is also one of the effective ways of increasing back muscle stability and helps in lengthening shortened muscles. Progressive body muscle relaxation will play a huge role in relaxing and tensing the muscles to achieve pain relief of your lower back. Regular exercise is essential in preventing future occurrences of back pain that are caused by tight muscles.


Taking medication

Numerous medications ranging from home remedies to over the counter pain relievers can help relieve lower back pain. When you experience signs of lower back pain, it is recommended to check with your doctor since these medications are not safe for everybody. Most doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs such as naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin because they reduce swelling and relieve pain. Taking these pain relievers daily for several days in a row ensures you get maximum benefits, and recovery is quicken. Natural remedies play a crucial role in soothing your back and in supplementing your recommended medication.

Taking anti-inflammatory drinks like turmeric milk, ginger-green tea, and tart cherry juice helps reduce overall body inflammation and relieve inflammatory pain. Have you experienced lower pain in the last 24 hours? Do not worry, ice and heat will work perfectly, apply ice and heat interchangeably to reduce swelling, and ease the pain. Most doctors recommend using ice and heat within the first 24-72 hours after the injury, especially if there is swelling. Heat relieves achy and stiff muscles while cold provides a numbing effect for intense, sudden back pain. Before picking any remedy for pain relief, it is essential to make an informed choice for what will work for you and always read and follow remedy guidelines.

Taking medication


Generally, lower back pain can be dealt with more quickly, provided you understand what works for you. You shouldn’t wait until the condition is severe for you to start treating lower back pain; instead take action whenever you experience mild signs of distress. Practice a healthy lifestyle to minimize cases of lower back pain, remember your physical and emotional state drives your body reactions.

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