3 Ways to Enhance Your Testosterone Level in an Instant

Unfortunately, a low testosterone level is one of the most common problems that men face these days. The hormone is used by the body in several processes such as fertility regulation, fat distribution, and building muscle mass. In other words, low testosterone packs a negative effect on the whole body. Needless to say, we don’t like the sound of that. So, what’s a guy gotta do? Well, obviously, not eat some spice and wait around for three years until they notice some results. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of writing about three ways that guarantee instant effects.

1- Nutrition

Of the mistakes that most people are guilty of, we’ve got constant dieting, constant overeating, and constant undereating. In the modern world, it is quite rare to find someone who manages to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. How is this related to testosterone levels? Well, nutrition affects hormone levels in a lot of aspects- it is because of certain nutrients that the body is promoted to release testosterone into the bloodstream.

In order to increase your testosterone levels, it is recommended that you stick with certain foods, especially the ones rich in zinc and vitamin D. Good choices would be tuna, egg yolks, and low-fat milk. These foods are also rich in protein, which has been linked with the production of the male hormone, according to several studies. In addition, plants and plant-based products are always a good option. You can’t go wrong with ginger and olive oil. However, it is preferred that you stay away from menthol as several papers noted a decrease in testosterone levels in women when they consumed mint-based products.

Don’t worry, though, this doesn’t mean that to get higher testosterone levels, you need to completely cut off carbs and fats. First of all, there are good, healthy fats that are beneficial for your hormone levels. Second, the key is consuming everything in moderation because obesity doesn’t help.


2- Supplements

Despite the image people have painted for supplements, there is actually nothing wrong with taking testosterone supplements. Again, what’s unhealthy is going beyond the recommended dosage. That said, here’s how testosterone supplements affect the body and how they can help you boost your levels without taking forever to do so.

As we age, our hormone-producing glands get exhausted, and that’s when they stop producing hormones. The most common supplements contain D-Aspartic acid, which is an amino acid essential to building and releasing hormones, and most often, you’ll find that they contain vitamin D, too. The two ingredients, in addition to a few others, have been proven to link directly to increased hormone levels.

Keep in mind, though, that some supplements work efficiently, and others may not work at all; sadly, there are frauds out there. Checking product reviews always helps, but when checking, don’t fall for fake reviews. To elaborate more, on this page of testofuel reviews, the verified reviews were accurate, mixed, and provided a full account of the pros and cons of the product.  What we’re saying is, don’t fall for the first bad review you see; defamation isn’t far from some people.


3- Physical Exercise

Working out is not only good for increasing the production levels of the male sex hormone, but it is also good for our general health. So, whether you have a hormone deficiency or not, we believe that you should do your best to squeeze in a quick workout whenever you can. After all, as we said before, obesity is one of the causes of low testosterone levels. Now, is there a specific type of exercise that you should be doing if you want to see faster results?

The answer to that is resistance exercises. When you weight-lift or push against some type of weight, it leads to muscle growth, and how does the muscle-building process start? When the body produces testosterone. Another highly effective type of workout is high-intensity interval training. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when you run at full speed for 1 minute, for example, and then jog for 4 more. Other forms of physical activity also work, but most scientific research links the two types we’ve mentioned to the fastest results.

Physical Exercise


After reading all of this, we won’t be surprised if you feel like working out, ordering supplements, and chomping on a ginger root all at once. But, before you go, we’ve got a little something to say. If you want to get the most out of the three ways, combine them together. In a different scenario where you overeat everyday and work out once a week, there’s no chance of you seeing any results anytime soon. It’s all about dedication, perseverance, and moderation. So, before you go on this journey, make sure you have the right motives, a will of steel, and a solid support system.

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