3 Ways to Save Money This Winter

If you’ve been noticing a higher usage of your electric bills, it’s time for you to get on board with the green energy movement. You’re using more energy than you need, and it’s costing you a fortune. Even if the planet wasn’t suffering from excess energy usage, your bank account is dwindling.

Maybe it isn’t your fault, and you have someone else around in your life who is draining your resources. It’s time to take control of the situation by putting these tips to good use. You should be making every effort to limit the amount of energy you use to heat and cool your home. When you notice your energy bill is too high, there are some steps that you should take to reduce your usage.

Tips to Save Energy at Home This Winter

Tip 1: Cover Windows With Plastic Insulation

One of the most practical ways to reduce energy usage in the winter involves covering windows with thin plastic insulation. Many people forget to insulate windows early in the year, but it should be done as soon as the heaters are turned on in the fall. When the weather becomes chilly, you’ll start losing heat from inside your home through the cracks that surround your doors and windows. Another type of insulation that you should use in the wintertime comes in the form of heavy blankets and warm clothing.

Tip 2: Limit the Amount of Space That Needs to Be Heated

Apart from layering up with warm clothing in the winter, you should try limiting the amount of space that needs to be heated. Additional square footage of your home that needs to be heated will contribute to greater energy usage to warm up the extra space. If you make a practice of shutting doors to unused rooms and hallways, you should find yourself turning down the thermostat. The rooms that you need to heat will warm up quickly because there is a smaller space for your unit to heat.

Tip 3: Use Another Source for Heating Your Home

You might not be able to heat your entire home with a wood stove, but many of us can use an alternate energy source to heat our houses. A wood stove or pellet stove will help warm a substantial portion of your home for the winter, and you should be able to incorporate fans into the area to help move warm air into other rooms of your house. The cost of powering a wood stove or pellet stove is less expensive than running baseboard heaters throughout the winter.

Ways to Save Energy During Hot & Cold Times of the Year

Summer Savings Strategies:

Limiting the amount of space that you use in the summer will keep your air conditioner from running throughout the entire season. Additionally, you should try to close curtains and blinds when the sun is beating directly on your windows.

Winter Savings Strategies:

Another way to save money on electricity during the winter is to replace old windows and siding. Old windows are less energy-efficient than windows made today, and old siding might have cracks that let cold air into your home.

Making Your Workplace More Energy Efficient

If you’re noticing people at work with their coats on, you should make some suggestions to your boss. The same insulation that goes on the windows around your home will help keep your office warm during the winter months. Take a look for more information about how to use insulation around your workplace. The people that you work with will thank you for looking out for their needs, and your boss will thank you for lowering the cost of running the office.

Putting It All Together

Winter and summer months are hard on your wallet because you need to pay high costs to heat and cool your home, but you are working towards lowering your energy usage. Every effort to lower the amount of energy used at your home or office makes a difference.

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  1. In this new year it is important to start a great habbit of saving. In the name of fun, memories I’ve had wasted lot’s of money. It’s time to move forward and make something in life.

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