4 Benefits of Using CBD Oil You Probably Didn’t Know About

Several regions across the globe have already been benefiting from the amazing properties of the cannabis plant. Until recently, CBD has been the talk of the town and is becoming trendy as a cure-all ingredient.

The marijuana plant contains hundreds of chemicals that have varying chemical properties and these cannabinoids affect the human body differently.

For example, the ‘high’ effect associated with the marijuana plant is linked to a psychoactive chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) whereas CBD interacts with the body and works to improve health and wellbeing.

Without further ado, here are 4 proven benefits of CBD oil backed up by adequate trial and research.

1. Anti-inflammatory Properties

The earliest evidence of the use of the cannabis plant to relieve pain dates back to the B.C. era. Several studies have been conducted that claim to confirm the pain-relieving effects of CBD on the body.

We, humans, have an endocannabinoid system in our body that is capable of producing neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids that can trigger several chemical activities which help reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

There are even studies that show the significance of using CBD oil to treat progressive medical conditions like arthritis, Paget’s disease, and multiple types of sclerosis to name a few.

Several countries have even approved the use of controlled amounts of CBD and THC oils to treat certain medical conditions that cause pain and render the affected unable to move around freely.

2. Fights Cancer Symptoms

Besides relieving pain and reducing swelling, CBD oils are capable of controlling the proliferation (rapid multiplication) of cancer cells and alleviating symptoms that come with cancer treatment.

Many research studies have shown that even people with no response to the effects of conventional analgesic drugs get relieved from the symptoms and side effects of treatment.

These studies may have great results, however, the health professionals and researchers at CFAH.org also emphasize the fact that finding alternatives to the cancer treatment plan should not be a priority.

This is because a lot of research and trial is still necessary to fully adopt the treatment on medical grounds. As mentioned earlier, CBD oils have even been used to target and kill cancer cells under controlled environments.

Further research is underway to test the therapy on human volunteers and it could take up to several years until we get a final answer.

Repeated evaluation and research are necessary as the treatment outcomes, possible side effects, and complications can be noted down. 

3. Reduces Mental Health Issues

Mental health conditions like anxiety and depression are quite common. These conditions affect the body physically, deteriorate mental health, and decrease the quality of life.

According to the statistics shared by the World Health Organization, depression is the most common mental disorder that ultimately leads to a non-functional lifestyle. Conventionally, anxiety and depression are treated by taking daily medications to improve your well-being.

However, these drugs come with symptoms like severe headaches, generalized body weakness, sleeplessness, and even sexual dysfunction.

Furthermore, these drugs are mostly sedatives that can worsen the symptoms if not taken daily.

Several research studies have shown the effectiveness of CBD in treating insomnia, elevating mood, and boosting social behavior.

4. Protecting Vital Organs

Researchers working on finding the effects of CBD on the body advocate that CBD oils aid the endocannabinoid system to work efficiently and mitigate negative effects that could aggravate neurological disorders.

Epilepsy is a disease related to the nervous system that results in seizures and body stiffness due to increased neurological activity. CBD oil has also been studied for its interaction with the cardiovascular system.

For people experiencing hypertension, the use of oil aids in lowering blood pressure and decreases the incidence of a cardiovascular anomaly like stroke or heart attack.

As cannabinoid extracts have antioxidant properties, they can reduce inflammation of the heart. Besides protecting vital organs, there are a plethora of medical conditions and diseases that show better outcomes when CBD oil is used alongside the standard treatment regimen.

Lastly, it should be understood that not everyone will experience the same benefits and some might not even find CBD oil useful at all. Therefore, it is best to understand the medical anomaly you are facing and act accordingly.

Protecting Vital Organs

CBD extracts have been studied to aid in relieving symptoms caused by medical conditions like heart disease, cancer, and mental disorders.

Medical research on the plant’s extracts is ongoing at many levels and the projections portray a promising result. If you are interested in trying out CBD oil for your medical condition, do your best to research and determine whether the wondrous oil can help you with your issue or not.

However, researching might not be easy for everyone so it is always advised to have a discussion about it with your doctor and then try to research on your own to get the best possible results.

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